TBT: Top 10 Albums of 2015

2015. Water was found on Mars, same sex marriage became legal in all 50 states of America, and Star Wars returned to the big screen. On top of that we had a year of amazing music including some of the best rap albums ever all the way to some of the best synth pop you’ll ever hear. Here’s a countdown of the top 10 albums of 2015.

10. My Love Is Cool- Wolf Alice


One of the best debut albums from a band in quite some time to kick things off. Wolf Alice are unapologetically themselves as they show their personalities through their music time and again. It’s refreshing to see a band who know what path they want to take and just set off on that path. The result in this instance was a brilliant debut which would be followed up by an even better sophomore album in 2017. Quite simply, My Love Is Cool was a belter from start to finish

9. I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside- Earl Sweatshirt


Coming in at just under half an hour spanning over ten tracks, I Don’t Like Shit was short and sweet. It’s a dark record that let’s Earl’s lyrics and vocal delivery do all the work and it makes for a fascinating listen. Earl is capable of really big things and is constantly overlooked as one of raps best. He’s one of the best wordsmiths in the game and if you need any proof look no further this largely self produced piece.

8. DS2- Future


DS2 aka Dirty Sprite 2 is to this day Future’s finest body of work showing off a stripped back side of Future at points whilst maintaining those heavy Atlanta trap rap beats that make Future so damn good. Those stripped back points show vulnerability to Future that made for an endearing listen whilst still managing to enjoy the heave tracks that slapped then and slap now. Metro Boomin is one of the best producers in the game for this kind of style, whenever he and Future connect it’s always fun.

7. Currents- Tame Impala


The bands most recent album feels like it’s a million years old now, and it’s aged like a fine wine. Clearly their best album to date, frontman Kevin Parker showed evolution in spades both vocally and in production. He created a masterpiece that was spearheaded with Let It Happen, one of the most intriguing, psychedelic and greatest songs of the year. Currents was a massive triumph, and having it ranked so lowly on this list shows how fantastic 2015 was for music.

6. In Colour- Jamie XX


Pure nostalgia. In the summer of 2015 this album was on repeat in the sun and it will forever take me back to those beer garden days and summer drives. I’ll forever argue that this is better than any XX project, and not just because of Young Thug. In Colour is such a suitable name for this album because of how diverse and colourful it really is throughout. It never gets old and each song grabs a hold of you in it’s own unique and intense way. I have a love for this album that’s very strong.

5. Summertime 06′- Vince Staples


Vince Staples debut studio album came in the form of a double album of 10 songs on each side. Both sides slap big time but it’s worth mentioning just how insanely good the first half is. Norf Norf, Señorita and Lift Me Up are without question some of Staples greatest songs. All three show of the Long Beach artist’s greatest attributes, his killer flow and deadly delivery. The track Summertime often goes underlooked and is without question one of Vince’s most diverse yet fantastic songs to date. By no means am I discrediting the second half, it’s incredible and incredibly in depth.

4. Rodeo- Travis Scott


Star studded chaos right here. Travis Scott’s debut studio album is without a doubt his shining star. Jam packed with outrageously strong beats, Trav goes hard as hell throughout and announced himself to the mainstream in a wild way. It showed diversity throughout from his GOAT track 90210 all the way through to well known banger Antidote and then all the way through once more to the bat shit brilliant Piss On Your Grave. It’s the best form of madness anyone can ask for.

3. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late- Drake


Dare I say it, this is the last Drake album that was a classic. It slaps from start to finish and often goes underappreciated in Drizzy’s overflowing portfolio. Bizarrely the record is referred to as a mixtape even though it was sold through Itunes. As always is the case with Drake these days, the album was a lengthy one, but it’s the last time I can recall thoroughly enjoy a Drake album all the way through. Drake showed progression musically and lyrically on this project, something he failed to do the years that have followed.

2. Art Angels- Grimes


Whilst writing up this article I revisited this album and forgot how much I loved it. How can I describe it? Imagine every emotion you’ve ever felt had a different sound and then just ball them all together to create this masterpiece. Grimes showed herself to be an excellent singer and a staggeringly good producer with this instant pop classic. I challenge you to not wholeheartedly love this album, try and resist it as it grabs you with both arms and literally forces you to enjoy it.

1. To Pimp A Butterfly- Kendrick Lamar


Obvious or what? I feel like at this point a Viberant article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning how Kendrick Lamar is rapidly reaching the GOAT status if he hasn’t already. To Pimp A Butterfly is one of the greatest albums of all time period. It tops Viberant’s classic album board with good reason. The project is daring and bold with it’s production feeling like that of a Hollywood Blockbuster. Full to the brim of quality raps and even better lyrical value, To Pimp A Butterfly will go down as one of the greatest albums of all time as well as Kendrick going down as one of the greatest catalysts for the future of rap and the music industry as a whole.


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