Jaden Smith – SYRE: The Electric Album: Album Review

In 2017, 20 year old Cali rapper Jaden Smith released his debut studio album, SYRE, to prove once and for all he’s much more than the son of Will and Jada. It was an impressive debut that put Jaden in a shortlist of the best up and coming rappers in the game. Released exclusively on Instagram, SYRE: The Electric Album, is a remix of songs that were on SYRE, the remixes feature no drums at all, just Jaden and guitars, and it made for quite a change.

Jaden said before the album dropped that it wasn’t a rap album, and he was completely truthful in that statement. He clearly wants to be more than a rapper or more than an actor, this is a young man who is refusing to let his creativity be pigeonholed, and as a result we have got a completely unique project from his last, even if it is just five remixes.

Releasing the album through Instagram’s new feature, Instagram TV, was a strange choice, but in terms of his social media presence it was a smart one. Overall though, I don’t believe this was the route to go because it’s hardly a popular addition to Instagram. He would’ve been much better off adding this short and sweet project to streaming services and getting out there much more. The proof is in the pudding, SYRE has over 100 million streams but at the time of writing this some of the Instagram TV songs have less than 100,000 views.

Musically it was an interesting path for Jaden to follow. To drop a remix that has no drums included was cool to me and it payed off sonically. The style is a complete juxtapose to the original versions and it made for an interesting project. The new remixes are expertly produced and mixed to make for a mellow and enjoyable listen throughout.

jaden in the sky

The five songs remixed, B, Ninety, Lost Boy, Fallen and Icon all have something totally different to their SYRE counterparts to the point where they feel like new songs that you’ve never heard. My favourite tracks are the latter two, which happen to be my favourite ones from the original album.

Fallen Electric follows themes of heartbreak as well as questioning his own childhood and how he’s grown up. The song follows a mellow style throughout but begins to intensify towards the end both through production of the guitar riffs and Jaden’s flow.

Icon? Electric largely follows the original lyrics but takes a turn towards the end as Jaden questions if he really is an icon, but in fact if it’s the opposite. Once again it was well produced and Jaden’s mellow style suits the production in such a satisfying way.

The final lyrics to this short project are an insight to Jaden’s next project, presumably dropping early 2019.


Whether it follows the formula of SYRE or it’s electric counterpart, I’m sure ERYS will be a quality album that will follow a pattern that’s clearly emerging here, Jaden has some amazing producers and an evolving musical IQ.

another fucking rating circle

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