Rappers Who Deserve Respect On Their Name

No top 10’s, no reviews. This is just a list of rappers who deserve more respect.

Rick Ross

The best feature in the game. Give this man a beat, hard or soulful, and he’ll cut through it and make it all about him for the next minute. Kanye West’s Devil in a new Dress is proof of Ross’ brilliance, it’s the best feature on one of the best albums of all time. His discography is massively overlooked as a solo artist on top of his excellent feature work. He’s a workhorse of rap and undoubtedly needs more respect on his name.


50 Cent

One of Rick Ross’ biggest rivals here in 50 cent. The man who crushed Ja Rule might simply be acknowledged for his first week sales or his defeat to Kanye, but he’s so much more. He’s an out and out gangster and his songs slap hard and he’s not someone to beef with as his disses are as cold as they come. He might not have the lyrical genius of a Kendrick, but does he need it?


Lil Wayne

An innovator and a legend. The man who took corny lyrics and made them insanely fun, not Big Sean. Wayne is unique to the rap game with his voice and often childish lyricism. Something I find to be missing every now and then from rap is the fun side of it, Wayne ticks that box but can go hard if needs be. He was near enough on the pinnacle of rap at one point in the 2000’s but has been overlooked since. Tha Carter III is one of the biggest and best rap albums of it’s decade and I’ll hear nothing else about it.


Chief Keef

At 22 years old, Chief Keef is among the rap greats in terms of innovation and changing the game. In his teenage years, Keef would drop some absolute rap anthems and single handedly bring drill to the forefront of rap. He’s inspired a new generation of rap despite being so young, and he’s widely respected from Lil Uzi to Kanye West. He might not have the best tracks of all time, but his work ethic and innovation are more than enough for him to deserve more respect on his name.



MF DOOM? One of the most critically acclaimed rappers of all time? Why is he on your list? Because he’s one of the greatest rappers ever, that’s why. Check this mans discography, he’s an unappreciated workhorse. He shouldn’t just be regarded as great, he should be regarded as legendary, undoubtedly one of the best of all time. That begs the question, why is he never regarded as that? DOOM’s name should be mentioned among Biggies, Pac and Jay Z but strangely never is.



“My boy DMX hit the pookie and went platinum”- Vince Staples

DMX is the most overlooked rapper of the 90’s. Five number one albums in a row, so where’s the respect he deserves as one of raps biggest and baddest? DMX goes HARD and he’s given the world some of the biggest rap anthems it’ll ever have.


Earl Sweatshirt

Odd Futures best pure rapper here. While Tyler went onto bigger and better things, Earl remained fairly quiet and to this day isn’t a mainstream guy, but that doesn’t take away from his skills. He’s one of the only men to topple Kendrick in a feature battle and his most recent album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside was largely overlooked as one of 2015’s very best albums. His flow and lyricism are insane, just check out his feature on Super Rich Kids or his track Hive, both of which are overlooked as some of the best songs of the decade in their respective genres.


2 Chainz

Remember how I said Rick Ross was the number one feature in rap? Well this man is number two. 2 Chainz has a unique voice that has made his personal discography a solid collection, particularly Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. Again, he might not be like Kendrick, but can’t we just enjoy bangers and appreciate how valuable they are? Check out this mans feature work and tell me he isn’t top two, features need to be cherished as the brilliant thing they are and this guy has mastered it.

Rappers not getting respect really grinds my gears, you best believe I’ll be back with some more as soon as someone tells me Danny Brown isn’t legit.

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