The 1975’s Return: Our Thoughts

In case you were unaware, The 1975 are back. Here’s what we think of their return, along with their brand new single, “Give Yourself A Try”.

In an interview with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 earlier this evening, the Manchester quartet divulged a great deal of information concerning their hastily approaching album release. What was once known as Music For Cars is now A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, and is expected to be released sometime in October of this year. On top of that, ANOTHER album- titled Notes on a Conditional Form– is set for a release in the second quarter of 2019. Oh yeah, and they dropped A Brief Inquiry…‘s lead single, “Give Yourself A Try”.

That’s the facts out of the way. I’ll be honest, it’s difficult for me to talk about The 1975 objectively. Dating back before the release of their debut album, they’ve been responsible for soundtracking some of the most important years of my life, and I can guarantee that there are plenty more fans that have shared such a personal experience. It’s also unequivocal that this is indeed a two-way relationship. What makes The 1975 so unique is how their fan’s die-hard mentality is wholly reciprocated; in exchange of their unwavering support and emotional investment, listeners have been rewarded with, not just albums, but whole musical and artistic worlds to live in. We’ve witnessed two eras over the space of 5 years, and now a brand new one is in full swing.

“Give Yourself A Try” is an instantly infectious, supercharged indie-dance banger, featuring a repetitive, jagged guitar riff, driving electronic drums and bassline, as well as lyrics from Matty Healy reflecting on topics including, but not limited to, growing older and the pursuit of true fulfilment in life. Above all, this make made me fall in love with The 1975 all over again. The band explained in their Radio 1 interview that they felt that this is the track that lyrically epitomised A Brief Inquiry… the most, and of course I was always going to be excited to hear from The 1975, but if this single is anything to go by, it could be their greatest effort yet. Roll on October.

Listen to The 1975’s new single “Give Yourself A Try” here:

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