Kyle- Light Of Mine: Album Review

2017 XXL Freshman Kyle has finally dropped his debut album, Light of Mine. Following on from the success of his mixtape, Smyle and his hit track iSpy it’s interesting to see this album finally come to fruition.

At 15 tracks lasting a healthy 51 minutes, this album is near a perfect length for an artist like Kyle. It’s long enough to show what he’s made of with a solid debut, whilst not overstaying it’s welcome. Plenty of rappers should choose to do this but of course they won’t because of the money in streaming.

Off the bat Kyle drops a fun track with Ups and Downs. The end of the track features Lil Yatchy, who plays the part of Kyle’s conscience throughout the album. This was a quality idea which brings the album something unique from the beginning and plenty of fun angles from the start to the very end track, none other than iSpy where Yachty finally comes into the album musically.

Throughout the album Kyle takes a positive outlook through the upbeat production and the fast flow and clever lyricism. Ikuyo is the first real track that could have any longevity past being one of Kyle’s fun tunes, large in part to a great verse from 2 Chainz that really elevates this track above the ones before it.


Track five, Games, might be my favourite song from the album that I hadn’t previously heard. It’s easily got the most replay value of the solo tracks with it’s insane production based on that of video games. Add in the catchy hook and clean flow and you get the best track yet. Following on from this we get Babies, one of the much deeper and mellow tracks on the whole project as Kyle and Alessia Cara bring us a more vocal based performance around the theme of love and insecurities.

Following the mellow Babies is another pep talk from Yachty talking about girl problems which flows into OpenDoors, which has to be the corniest song on the album, but that doesn’t make it bad, Kyle can get away with corny due to his positive persona.

Next up we got the two songs Kyle dropped early 2018 for the albums promotion. To The Moon and Playinwitme, the latter of the two being one of the best songs on the album as it sonically personifies what this album is about. It’s upbeat and fun with plenty of replay value. Kehlani very rarely fails to give a solid feature, proof of that yet again here.

It’s surprising iMissMe featuring Khalid wasn’t a single prior to the album, it’s the funkiest tune of the lot production wise with a great feature who just so happens to be on magnificent form. It’s more of the same in the sense of it’s positivity and it’s freshness, but there’s that little extra sauce added. From here on out the albums switches pace as it feels a lot funkier from track 10 through to 13, 13 being Kyle’s favourite song on the album. It’s Yours details how Kyle lost his virginity,  he later detailed how the song itself is similar to his experience. “Nervous, anxious, slow, heavy.”

The album finishes on the highest note possible, iSpy featuring Lil Yachty. It’s the tune that really propelled Kyle into the mainstream in 2017. It’s a great song to end on and it really rounds everything up well. It’s been a long time coming for Kyle, he’s a fantastic character who has pulled out one helluva debut album. In a world full of forgettable rap albums flying about every day, Kyle has done really well to make something that’s great fun, very unique, and something that could really push him to the next level. Bravo indeed.

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