We Need to Talk about Kanye West

You have to be a Grade A idiot to believe that Kanye endorses Trump for his policies and his alt-right following, seriously what universe do you think Ye would do that? I’m not denying for one second that they way Kanye has gone about it is sloppy, but really? You think Kanye backs building the wall? Wake up and stop demonising a man for preaching his free thought.

As I am sure a lot of you are aware, Kanye West is back in the news and you won’t be surprised to hear that it is for controversial reasons. His return to Twitter has seen a vast array of tweets from Ye himself discussing just about every topic possible, from how good he is at ping pong to the ideologies of POTUS Donald Trump. He has documented all of his feelings onto the social media platform recently so I will try to do a quick summary of them with my thoughts on the matter too.


‘Ideas’ and ‘Vision’

Kanye first returned to Twitter in a far from harmless way, in fact he was very insightful and open about how he believed society could be a happier and more prosperous place, mainly looking at the idea of love.

His tweets were motivational to many but seemed a bit sudden and out of the blue, probably because he was tweeting completely different things seconds apart; but it was clear he felt on a roll and wanted to share with the world how he prospers and has become a more rounded human being. This of course comes after his admission to psychiatric care after a mental breakdown last year, in which Ye ranted for 30 minutes during a show on his Saint Pablo tour. He has since admitted to Opioid abuse during that time as well as liposuction due to a lack of comfort in his own appearance.

We should have sensed something was brewing up once he tweeted this…



Kanye was at peak Twitter preaching when he dropped the bombshells on us all. He would announce not only his own album, but also a collaborative effort with Kid Cudi called Kids See Ghost; but that wasn’t all as he tweeted about new release dates for Pusha T, Nas and Teyana Taylor, perhaps implying that the rumours of Kanye producing these albums was true.

Now I am of course stupidly excited about all of these because when it comes down to it, there really aren’t many better musically than Kanye West, he has the Midas touch and always will do. Kanye and Cudi bringing out a collab album is dangerous territory for them both but whenever they work together magic happens so I have high hopes for this along with all the other work Ye will do this year.

Speaking of which, we have heard two new singles from West recently, one of them called ‘Lift Yourself’ which was a teaser on his website, basically to announce his musical return. What we were given was a majestic instrumental with fantastic sampling, the build up was glorious, it really did sound like it could be a Kanye classic and in a way that’s what it is. Ye tells us the next verse is one to listen out for so we do; if you haven’t heard it yet then please do, the lyrics are as follows:

Image result for lift yourself lyrics

He pulled off the troll of an era, building fans up before dropping a hilarious verse that contained no real words, incredible. We did get a ‘real’ song after that in Ye vs The People which featured T.I. in a conversation type role where he and Ye go back and forth regarding his Trump views, which I will speak about more later. The song doesn’t blow me away but there are some cool bars on there and promising signs for his upcoming album.

Speaking of his upcoming album, he may have leaked the title on Twitter of all places, stating that it may be called Love Everyone in an attempt to spread the good message across the globe. The album cover may spark controversy, however, as there’s a good chance it will be a mugshot of the doctor who botched the surgery that led to the death of Donda West, Kanye’s mother. This is bold to say the least from Ye, but perhaps a sweet move as he looks to forgive and forget something that has haunted him for so long.


Now it gets interesting. Kanye West once called out George Bush on a live broadcast for Hurricane Katrina, claiming the now infamous “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” line. This has come full circle now as Kanye has endorsed POTUS Donald Trump, a man who has been accused of bigotry and alt-right beliefs, namely discriminatory actions towards people of colour.


That hat made a lot of people turn their back on Kanye, and without context it is easy to understand why. Kanye makes it clear both on Twitter and in interviews that he doesn’t agree with Trump’s policies (I get the feeling he doesn’t even know what they are), the reason he respects and admires him is the journey from businessman to President, the chance to do something nobody thought you could do. It is an inspiration of Kanye and he’s made it clear that he would like to run for office so why wouldn’t he look at the way Trump rose as a guideline.

You have to be a Grade A idiot to believe that Kanye endorses Trump for his policies and his alt-right following, seriously what universe do you think Ye would do that? I’m not denying for one second that they way Kanye has gone about it is sloppy, but really? You think Kanye backs building the wall? Wake up and stop demonising a man for preaching his free thought.


Okay, there’s not too much defending what Kanye said here, but hear me out. Kanye stated in a heated TMZ debate that the idea of slavery confused him, wondering whether or not they were forcefully held for all that time or if it was just mentally drilled into them to stay there. It is a red hot take and not one I even remotely agree with, not even close, but I don’t think Kanye is saying “slavery was a choice” like the clickbait articles suggest; I believe that he is looking at the bigger picture of mankind as a whole, asking if we are all slaves to our own mind or the minds of others.

Free thought and expression is the message Kanye is attempting to endorse and I for one rate that highly, but when you have the following that Kanye West does, it comes across as immensely ignorant when you say things such as that because, when taken out of context, they look immensely hurtful and dangerous; as many of his musical counterparts have suggested.


Get off Kanye West’s back. It is so easy to read a Huffington Post article and take that as gospel, but I ask you this… Maybe listen to what Kanye is saying, because you demonising him is basically confirming all that he has been saying for weeks now, we are trapped in the minds of people who appear to know better, there’s no such thing as free thought anymore. Everyone gets their perspectives and opinions from other people rather than formulating their own opinions. Now if you disagree with Kanye and don’t like him I can 100% understand and respect that, I think he has crossed the line a few too many times with his words, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to throw him to the wolves because TMZ want me to. All I ask is that you respect me for respecting opinions, and allow myself and millions of others to listen freely to what he and all of our other idols have to say, they’re only human like us after all. God it’s tough being a fan of someone as problematic and controversial as Kanye West, but I wouldn’t change him for the world, he’s a creative genius in the studio and a goofy maniac outside of it; that’s the exact reason so many people idolise him.

One last thing, I barely mentioned that this is mainly all happening for album promotion because that is kind of obvious, if you can’t figure out that he is keeping himself in the news just so that his album has more heat then I am afraid I do not know what to suggest. He has hardly made it a secret and it is one of his greatest weapons, irregardless of how controversial/wrong his methods are.

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