Hidden Gems Vol. 2

Welcome to Hidden Gems Vol.2! Between everyone at Viberant we’ll be regularly updating you all with some songs that we consider hidden gems. Whether they don’t get the credit they deserve from well known albums, or whether they are from artists you might not know, we’ll try give you as many options of fresh music. All the music that will be added to our playlist that you can find on this post, give it a follow for regular updates! 

The Streets: Sharp Darts

T In The Park 2011

This track is taken from The Streets debut, Original Pirate Material released in 2002. Having seen the madness going down on The Streets recent tour on Mike Skinner’s instagram, I’ve been listening to The Streets a lot more and this is one of my favourites from this album. It hasn’t been on the setlist for this tour, nor was it on the last set of live shows they did in 2011. The track itself is pretty typical Streets, chatty lyrics from Skinner “this one’s fat like your mother, contains enough calories”, ever the charmer.


Kate Nash: Kiss That Grrrl

Taken from 2010’s My Best Friend is You, Kate Nash captures a bit of classic girlfriend jealousy in the way that only Kate Nash can. Mixing toe-tapping music with relatable, girl talk, blurt it out lyrics is always a good recipe. The most recent set list I could find was August 2017 in Germany, where this track doesn’t feature. Nash hasn’t toured the UK since 2016, however has just released a new album, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Deaths Grips: Deep Web


Deep Web is not an entry level Death Grips song (if there even is such a thing). Taken from 2012’s No Love Deep Web, the track is a bit of a brain melter. If you listen to the lyrics too they portray the dark side of the internet and paranoia; “call me crazy but I swear my line’s been tapped, in my glass house prepared for a surprise attack”. I couldn’t find the last time this track was played live on a setlist however I did find a video of it from a 2013 show. Bass + strobe lights + Mc Ride’s performance style = no face left.


Arctic Monkeys: Dangerous Animals

But Ellie, isn’t that from Humbug? You hate Humbug? I know, I know. On the whole, Humbug is my least favourite AM album by a mile but it does have a few redeeming tracks and for me, this is one of them. It hasn’t featured on a setlist very much since the Humbug tour in 2009. The track’s lyrics tell of a woman that Alex just can’t have, but is keeping him on his toes anyway, making his head “pirouette”. It’s production, courtesy of Josh Homme, also clings on to arctic’s original rock roots which we rarely see in later albums.


Bjork: Like Someone in Love


Possibly the prettiest song ever recorded: the track is beautifully simple and ambient. The only instrument used is a harp, with sounds of birds singing, the sea, and people chatting added in the background. The lyrics were originally written by Johnny Burke, and the song was recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1953. I love Bjork’s version though, which features on Debut, as her voice brings an extra dimension. Lovely lovely lovely.


Madvillain: Meat Grinder

Madvillain (more commonly known as MF Doom, one of many aliases) released this diamond on album Madvillainy in, wait for it, 2004. Which I think is ridiculous for how current the production sounds. Real name Daniel Dumile, the rapper was born in England before moving to New York, however he remains a British citizen. This track samples the song Sleeping in a Jar by The Mothers of Intervention, which was used in a bizarre TV advert in 1969, though I’m not sure how that would be allowed. You’ll see what I mean if you watch it..


Foals: Rain


This track was originally written and recorded for fourth album What Went Down, but didn’t make the cut in the end. Instead, the track was released on vinyl for Record Store Day in 2016, along with another track Daffodils. The track has a different sound to What Went Down, so I can kind of see why it wouldn’t have fit but its great in it’s own right. It’s very synth-y, and features some belting vocals from Yannis. Hoping to see Foals back soon.


Propaganda: Duel

This is for the 80’s fans out there; Duel was the second single released by the German group. It peaked at 21 in the UK charts in 1985 and is one of my favourite songs possibly ever. In some research I found the B-side for Duel, which was called Jewel – Cut Rough. The track has the exact same lyrics as Duel but they’re delivered differently and the music is really industrial and experimental. Really worth a listen if you check this one out.




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