Album Review: Cardi B- Invasion of Privacy

25 year old rap sensation Cardi B is brash and abrasive here, and with every right. People wrote her off as a 5 minutes of fame rapper with one hit, next thing you know she’s dropping one of the most anticipated albums of the year so far.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of Cardi B, but over time she’s shown everyone what she’s made of, and she’s shown that she can drop some pretty sick verses. Invasion of Privacy shows off everything that she’s about. I largely expected her to flex on everyone and drop those big Bodak Yellow styled bangers, which she does, but large in parts Cardi shows off her own insecurities and vulnerabilities.  It makes this an album you can connect with a lot more that you might have thought you could, it has a much more personal feel that what you might have had to Cardi B a year ago. The opening track Get Up 10 is proof of that, a song that bares all, a lot more than I ever thought I’d hear.


Star studded names are found from top to bottom of the track listing, sparking interest from the moment you check in with the album. Drip, featuring the Migos is largely what you would expect from any Migos tune, much like any track you’d hear on Culture II, although I’d say Cardi outshines the whole group here. The next feature you hear from is Chi Towns Chance The Rapper, who quite simply snaps with one of his best verses since Coloring Book. In fact, he snaps so hard, I listen to that song purely for him, is that the idea of a feature? Not really, but at least it draws me back in time and again. Features from SZA and Kehlani both work well within the concept of the album, particularly Kehlani on this occasion, making for one of the best tracks of this album as her and Cardi make for a seamless match.

Bodak Yellow and Bartier Cardi both give this album a feeling of importance, two massive commercial bangers, so commercial in fact that they caused this album to go gold the day of it’s release.

Overall this is an above par release from an artist labelled as one hit wonder. She’s proven her worth here and while some features run away with the tracks, this is overall a solid effort from one of raps most talked about stars.

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