TBT: Top 10 Albums of 2005

2005 was a year full of exciting releases, promising debuts and high profile names; but who brought out the cream of the crop for that year? Continuing our Throwback Thursday with the top 10 albums of 2005, have a look at what tops our list.

10: 50 Cent – The Massacre

Image result for 50 cent the massacre

This was 50 Cent’s second studio album, following up from the monster success of Get Rich or Die Tryin’. While it had monster success commercially and was Grammy nominated, it was nowhere near 50’s previous album. It was full of catchy hooks and it was highly addictive, perhaps slightly too long. All in all it’s a good album, not a timeless classic, but still a demonstration of 50’s immense talents.


9: Hard-Fi – Stars of CCTV

Image result for hard fi stars of cctv

A Mercury Prize nomination isn’t bad going for anyone, particularly when they land it for their debut album, and that is exactly what Hard-Fi managed with Stars of CCTV. The raw sound of the band gave it a garage rock flavour with an irresistible mix of edge and radio-friendly synthetics. There are a whole host of solid selling singles on this album, including Cash Machine, Tied Up Too Tight and Living For The Weekend and all of those are brilliant stalwart indie anthems.

8: The Game – The Documentary

Image result for the game the documentary

Nowadays The Game is a hip-hop veteran, but it was very humble beginnings for the Compton born rapper with this debut studio album The Documentary, an album now considered by many to be a West Coast classic. It was Game’s first release as a part of Aftermath Entertainment (of course founded by Dr Dre) so the pressure was on to deliver. The album shot straight to number one thanks to the anecdotal style of his raps and the boom blast production which made it so hot, help from Dre, Kanye and Timbaland made the production so strong for its time and that is why it makes this list.

7: Editors – The Back Room

Image result for editors the back room

Editors were one of the most well-loved British bands around after the release of this debut album in 2005, The Back Room had a knack of making doom and gloom sound so joyous thanks to frontman Tom Smith’s mellowed vocal delivery being stark contrast to the thrashing guitars that form the instrumental. Five singles were born from this album and all of them have a case to be seen as the band’s best song, with Munich and All Sparks being obvious contenders as bonafide indie classics.

6: Franz Ferdinand – You Could Have It So Much Better

Image result for franz ferdinand you could have it so much better

The second album from Scottish indie rock outfit Franz Ferdinand was a huge hit thanks to its quirky sound and a hat full of catchy rock bangers. How can you dispute this album when it managed to follow on from that marvellous debut and ignore the claims of being a one hit wonder thanks to the success of the previous year’s big hit Take Me Out. Do You Want To was a brilliant lead single and Eleanor Put Your Boots On is a funky anthem that has the fresh sound you’d associate with the modern day.

5: LCD Soundsystem – LCD Soundsystem

Image result for lcd soundsystem lcd soundsystem

James Murphy’s pet project was born in 2005 and LCD Soundsystem arrived with a major bang thanks to their eponymous debut album. The post-punk guitar riffs combined with 21st century electronics in the production makes this album a thrillride of sound and it contains some of the band’s best music ever; including singles Daft Punk Is Playing At My House and Tribulations. The band would get better and better as their careers went on but this was quite the way to start a career.

4: The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan

Image result for the white stripes get behind me satan

Jack and Meg White were at the peak of their powers in the early to mid 00s, boasting some of the best rock albums of the decade and Get Behind Me Satan, the band’s fifth studio album, is one of those. Despite still demonstrating plenty of rock, guitar filled elements here, White decided to push more piano melodies with tracks like My Doorbell and The Nurse and the results are breathtaking at times. Winning the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in 2006, it was clear that The White Stripes brought their best to this album and it still sounds fantastic to this day.

3: Kanye West – Late Registration

Image result for kanye west late registration

Kanye West was in the midst of becoming the biggest rap star on the planet when his second album Late Registration came out in 2005 and it showed real development as an artist as he touched on elements of his previous work while also breeding fresh sampling ideas and memorable bars. The album is considered a classic of the time and genre and when songs like Gold Digger, Touch The Sky and Diamonds From Sierra Leone appear on it, how can you have many complaints?

2: Bloc Party – Silent Alarm

Image result for bloc party silent alarm

As you may tell from some of the earlier entries in this list, 2005 was a fantastic time to be in an indie rock band, particularly in the UK. Bands like The Strokes brought about a feverish post-punk revival that saw groups around the globe rise in popularity. Bloc Party’s debut album brought immense popularity and was critically acclaimed beyond so many of its contemporaries thanks to the raw sound and brash attitude on some of their more intense cuts. The likes of Like Eating Glass and Helicopter covered a post-punk sound while This Modern Love and So Here We Are were smoother listens with soft delivery.

1: Gorillaz – Demon Days

Image result for gorillaz demon days

Here we are, the number one album of 2005 is Demon Days. Perhaps the Gorillaz finest album to date, and it’ll likely remain that way. The album revolves around fighting a different demon in each track. It was a unique piece, an album that would elevate genres and redefine how music could be made. Feel Good Inc. is the groups best and most successful song of all time as the lead track from this album. Overall, this album was more than just an album, it was art. In decades to come this album will still be recognised as one of the best, not only of 2005, but of the decade.


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One thought on “TBT: Top 10 Albums of 2005

  1. I like your list, mainly because I had 7 out of the 10 ☺️

    What amazes me looking back now though is how many of those had that one album (and to a degree that one hit) and then went nowhere.

    Hard-Fi, Franz Ferdinand, Thé Kazier Chiefs (didn’t make the cut in your list but we’re also 2005) all released iconic hits most would instantly recognise; I predict a riot, Do you want to Andrew Cash machine.

    These all had the same formula – simple yet addictive melodies alongside even simpler repetitive lyrics that together strangled the brain into submission, prompting feet and arms to move and mouths to blurt out loudly an echo of the lyrics – it was unavoidable.

    But these tracks were almost too perfect for these bands; they couldn’t compete with the bar set by themselves, they had reached perfection and anything else they could come up with just seemed a poor repeat.

    However, looking at you’re list there are a couple of omissions that are worth questioning, after checking what else came out in 2005 (possibly wasn’t a classic year for music really).

    One is an all time favourite album of mine, Beck’s Guero: Full of bangers like; Que’ Onda Guero, Girl, Black Tambourine, Hell Yes and many, many more, it was an album I was, and still do today, happily hit play, and bop away until it’s completion.

    For me, it was a more complete piece of work than the earlier and more well known Odelay.

    The other – owes a lot to that particular summer having plenty of beautiful warm sunny days – and that’s Jack Johnson’s, In Between Dreams.

    A bit like the aforementioned groups, no-one knew where this Australian surfer dude came from, or where he went afterwards, but he certainly rode the crest of a wave selling boat loads of albums.

    And it wasn’t without reason, it was a great album for chilling at the beach on an evening with Good People; Sitting, Waiting, Wishing, looking up at the Constellations, before waking up the morning after to Banana Pancakes and a game of Mudfootball.

    If I was to classify his style, I’d personally label it as ‘bullshit music’ on account of it not seeming to be particularly skilful musicality wise; any douche with a guitar and inoffensive voice could have come up with this.

    But it was satisfying ‘bullshit music’ and clearly I wasn’t the only one to think so.



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