Hidden Gems Vol. 1

We have a new column at Viberant, our hidden gems! Between everyone at Viberant we’ll be regularly updating you all with some songs that we consider hidden gems. Whether they don’t get the credit they deserve from well known albums, or whether they are from artists you might not know, we’ll try give you as many options of fresh music. All the music that will be added to our playlist that you can find on this post, give it a follow for regular updates! 
Cosmo Pyke- After School Club

Cosmo Pyke is one to watch. He’s best known for his track Chronic Sunshine, but his 2017 EP Just Cosmo featured five quality tracks, one of which being After School Club. It’s a quality track with some addictive strings. At only 18, Pyke brings a freshness and uniqueness to his music, something that’s welcomed in an age of prime time talent shows. Cosmo Pyke is the future and this track is certainly a hidden gem.

Corbin- Hunker Down

Perhaps better known by his former alias Spooky Black, Corbin has quietened down from the hype he had back in 2014, but his talents have only shone brighter. Hunker Down is a track taken from his 2017 album Mourn. In typical Corbin fashion it’s quite dark in it’s production, but more aggressive than usual in his vocal delivery. Corbin is getting better and better, and if you didn’t know, this is proof.

Matt Martians- Spend The Night / If You Were My GF

When people think of Odd Future group The Internet, you’re mind instantly springs towards Syd. Syd and Steve Lacy dropped solo projects that gained attention, a lot more than when Matt Martians dropped The Drum Chord Theory. He’s been overlooked incredibly, as has his masterful production skills which helped create a great album which includes this funky album opener.

Kari Faux- No Small Talk

This song came to my attention after Childish Gambino remixed on his STN MNT mixtape. The original version a repetitive track with replay value thanks to it’s catchy hook. Kari Faux is often overlooked despite her skills with her clever lyricism, and this is a track that hasn’t got the notoriety that it should have.

Zombie Juice- Lava

JUICE SNAPPED. Often times I see a lot of people commenting on posts saying that Juice is the weak member of The Flatbush Zombies, if this relatively unknown track doesn’t prove that wrong then nothing will. It was Juice multiplied, given the full three minutes of a track worked wonders as he got his classic wordplay in there with the usual solid FBZ production.

Jaden Smith- Let It Breathe 

It’s took a while, but Jaden Smith is finally getting some of the credit he deserves for his work. His recent album SYRE was a quality piece that finally cemented his place in music as a credible artist, but he was credible to me back in 2014 when he dropped CTV2. Featuring his sister Willow, this track goes for on for a lengthy 10 minutes but it never loses me as a listener. Willow has fantastic vocals and Jaden has some pretty nifty flow, all over a unique beat that you wouldn’t hear from most modern rappers.

Kevin Abstract- Empty

If there’s one thing that’s for sure in the world, BROCKHAMPTON are close to blowing up in a massive way. They’re certainly making a name for themselves in every way imaginable and things can only get better. We don’t just love the group, we love each individual member, and if you’re new to BROCKHAMPTON you might not know about some of the guys solo efforts. Long before the group was a even a thing, Kevin Abstract was out there making a name for himself with quality tunes such as Empty.

Princess Nokia- Bart Simpson

Another name that’s about to blow up in a big way is Princess Nokia. Her 2017 release 1992 popped off in a big way and she’s just dropped another mixtape called A Girl Cried Red. With female rappers being somewhat of a rarity in the past few years it’s encouraging to see so many coming through, Princess Nokia is up there with the best and Bart Simpson is one of her stand out tracks.

There’s our first installment of hidden gems! Make sure to listen and follow the playlist below to keep up to date on all of our hidden gems!

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