Album Review: XXXTentacion – ?

XXXTentacion tries a few new things with this new album but it’s all the same result, pretentious, fake deep nonsense that is designed to try and make us feel sorry for him despite his inexplicable past.

If you have kept up to date with the musical world then you will know who XXXTentacion is by now, he’s a Florida born rapper who first broke out via Soundcloud while in prison, he gained a huge following as a result and even landed a top 40 hit with breakout anthem Look At Me! His style has evolved over time as an artist, opting for more sombre attitudes and mellow beats than the explosive, abrasive sound he was crafting before. I have no doubt in my mind that there is talent in this boy, but the sheer thought of him makes me sick to my stomach after having to read the accusations his ex-girlfriend made against him, which you can read here if you dare:

This is the second full length album of his career, following the largely successful 17′ which has multi-platinum singles on it and a smattering of critical acclaim, with that being said the major criticism you can have of it is that he is very philosophical, in fact he is far too philosophical for his own good and the result is almost agony to listen to. The fact that he feels the need to introduce albums with disclaimers about how the listener is about to “enter his mind” is just so weird, and he does exactly the same on this new album here.

The whole thing just stinks of angsty teenager and although I don’t doubt that he has had a tough life, he hardly helps himself with multiple jail visits and an utterly disgusting case against him currently ongoing. His fans will gobble this album up because it’s basically a part two to ’17’ except it’s arguably even more yawn-worthy. I also noticed on ‘going down!’ that X completely stole the flow of long time collaborator and former friend Ski Mask The Slump God, something that is immensely ironic given the finger pointing X did at Drake after the ‘KMT’ debacle.

The features hurt my head, how he can go that far to approach the likes of Joey Bada$$ and Travis Barker but then follow that up with Matt Ox, a 13 year old kid who is famous for spinning fidget spinners in his music videos, is utterly pathetic. The song with Joey really isn’t enjoyable which is a shame because he is one of my favourite rappers, I’m not sure how I feel about him working with X in all honesty, either.

This album irritates me for all the wrong reasons because not only is it far from original but it’s also like a taunt in more than one way; the first is that we were told by X that this project would be something different and more unique, which just clearly isn’t the case. Secondly, there are moments on this album where you can quite clearly see that the boy has talent but he is using it in all the wrong places. Inevitably, however, this talent means nothing because an artist of his kind shall never be condoned and rightfully so; his unapologetic attitude does him no favours on a truly painstakingly dull album.

Ultimately this album doesn’t do anything for me and it makes me wonder how much momentum he has left as an artist, especially given the turmoil of his personal antics too. His fans will support him through thick and thin, but you won’t see any of that from us here at Viberant.

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