Top 40 1975 Songs

In 2002, The 1975 were born. Although not named The 1975 at the time, they would begin to write songs which lead to their EP success in 2012. From here their popularity blew up before their first studio album in 2013. This would be followed by another album in 2016, and an album which is set to be released this year. What happened in that time? They became the best band in the world of course. Here’s their top 40 songs as voted for by Viberant, easily one of the most difficult tasks we’ve had to do.


40. This Must Be My Dream 

Kicking off our top 40 with a track from the bands second album. It’s an upbeat tune about Matty being in love, but it’s all too good to be true. The second half of the song features an solid and funky instrumental. It’s bottom of our top 40, but by no means does that make it bad, this is a class song, which shows how much we all rate the 1975.

39. Please Be Naked

An entirely instrumental song with gut-wrenching piano keys that touch your soul before a slow but eventual build-up to grand instrumentals at the end. The song’s subject matter lies mainly with the title itself, looking perhaps at the ethereal possibility of growing sexual desires as time goes on. As the song goes on, the abstract levels of intimacy rise.

38. Me

The closing track from the Music For Cars EP, this one revolves around guilt and has interchanging perspectives between Matty’s father and himself as he shows a very fragile and apologetic side to his sound. The lyrics look at the inner battles of his mind as he fights off suicidal tendencies and feeling as though he has let people down, namely his father. The instrumental is haunting but warm with some gorgeous horn sections added to give a rejoicing feeling that things will be better when these ideas are out in the open.

37. Hnscc 

What a strange piece. This song has no lyrics in it at all, completely instrumental. Healy has stated that the initial makings of this song were made at 2AM on a Saturday “under the influence” so it’s no surprise to see something completely different. It’s a properly incredible instrumental, one that’s deep and dark. I suspect when the guys were under the influence it wasn’t just madness, I picture it to be quite sombre.

36. Medicine 

2014 track Medicine was written and produced for the purpose of the Drive Rescore, and what a beautiful intro. This song was brilliantly produced and fit the rescore perfectly. It’s about a big a love song as you can get, and a welcome surprise to the ears between the two studio albums. Oh and by the way, if you haven’t seen Drive, do it ASAP, incredible.

35. She Lays Down

This is a heart wrenching ballad about Matty’s mum Denise who has openly spoke about having postnatal depression as she actively tried to love her children. It is a serious problem among parents across the globe and for someone with the lyrical touch of Matty Healy to experience it first hand makes for all the better writing and listening. You can hear the raw emotion in his voice and it proves how far he and his mother have come since those dark early days.

34. The Ballad Of Me And My Brain 

Placed cleverly on the album after Lostmyhead, The Ballad Of Me And My Brain is a look into the mental state of Healy. It’s upbeat song and it’s a little bit bonkers, which one would assume is to try and replicate the madness in his life after all of the fame.

33. The City

The first full track on the bands debut album, previously found on their Facedown and IV EPs. While you might recognise the song from hours of Fifa, we recognise it as a quality song. It feels to me like it’s a song full of teenage angst, something near enough everyone can relate to, especially the 1975’s young fan base.

32. Talk!

One of the more basic songs the band have done but it has such a slick and cool sound to it I find it a hard one to ignore. “Why do you talk so loud” is a rhetoric Matty often finds himself repeating on this song and he vacates a softer vocal melody to almost shout the lyrics over some fantastic guitar licks. This song works wonders in the debut album’s context and it fits as a key element in the band’s creative direction.

31. Undo 

This is a track from the groups second EP titled Sex. It’s a tune about having feelings for someone that aren’t reciprocated, when Matty finally moved on the girl started to have feelings back. It’s lyrically witty like most of the groups songs, with solid production all the way through, but it’s really the lyrical story that sells this song.

30. Facedown

The very opening track to the bands very first EP here. It’s not jam packed with lyrics, but the lyrics that are there hit home about drug addiction. Whether it’s lying face down from an overdose or you’ve got your face down doing a line. The lyrics are clever and when you listen closely, quite impactful.

29. Pressure 

One of the last songs on the debut album, Pressure is a look through the magnifying glass of fame and how vulnerable it can actually make you feel. The interesting part about this song is that it was written long before even their EPs let alone the album came out so it may actually be a direct address from Matty as he looks back at how he struggled with the fame of his parents.

28. Paris 

One of the bands most well written songs here. It’s about Matt Healy and a lovers cocaine addiction, with Paris perhaps being a reference to cocaine. It’s one of the bands favourite songs and lyrically one of my favourites too. It’s fully of whit and double entendres. It’s towards the end of the groups second album, and the beginning of a section of that album that’s incredibly deep and full of emotion.

27. She’s American

If you’ve seen the 1975 live you’ll know how fun this bop can be. “Let’s fucking dance.” says Matty right before the intro. Boy do you dance. The tracks lyrics revolve around American girl’s, possibly American fangirls, and the difference to the UK culture. One would assume this was from writing this album in America or from touring there so much.

26. Antichrist

One of the first songs released by the band to a larger audience, Antichrist looks not only at religion but also the parallels it can draw for the love Matty has for his mother. The religious theme becomes quite cinematic imagery with the organ styled keys at the start which unravel into more modern electronic sounds as well as the traditionalist guitar chords and drum beats. Despite being an atheist, Matty uses this song to echo the feeling of wishing he had something to believe in as opposed to the cold reality of life as we know it.

25. Settle Down 

Settle Down was one of the leading tracks from the groups debut album, a track that revolves around a secret love affair. It appears that it’s largely about ‘just sex’. The video was recorded in Redcar, not too far from the majority of the Viberant writers.

24. Heart Out 

Rather than this being a track about a random girl, it’s about one that Matty appears to have grown up with. There’s an outstanding instrumental before the final hook that’s enough to get anyone on their feet. Seriously if you don’t wanna dance to 1975 instrumentals you’re 100% a fun sponge.

23. So Far (It’s Alright)

This song takes a deep dive into the idea that no matter how bad life may feel, things work themselves out for the best in the end. The hook is fairly repetitive but in the best kind of way because the vocals are muffled and angelic in delivery, enough to sway your head and tap your toes. The song to me seems like a chant of living your life to the full and never doing things you don’t want to do, thus wasting this beautiful gift we have been given.

22. Chocolate 

Arguably the bands biggest song, easily the song that brought them to fame as the groups first radio hit. It’s a fun track, one that gets everyone dancing whenever it’s on. One of the best things about the 1975 is their sheer honesty, in this instance it’s just a song about smoking weed with friends. It first appeared on the bands Music For Cars EP and was later one of the lead singles for the groups debut album.

21. You 

Without sounding like a broken record through this list, this track is about a teenage toxic relationship. Healy has stated he wouldn’t write this tune now as he’s grown up, which is quite commendable in my eyes. Some people might know this track for the secret hidden track Milk a bit later on in the tune.

20. Intro/Set 3

As the title suggests, this song is the opener of the Sex EP and I feel as though it introduces us into it beautifully with stop/start instrumentals and electronic glitches throughout. It is a daring look at maturity and growing up while also clinging onto the elements of youth, with the instrumental playing a major part in conveying this forward thinking while also nostalgic mindset.

19. If I Believe You

A blend of jazz and gospel from the 1975 here, showing something new. Matt Healy has often times stated his atheist views, this song questions those views. He asks that if there is a God, to save him. The track features a beautiful flugelhorn solo, it makes for a great break in the song, and an incredible jazzy jive when seen live.

18. Lostmyhead 

This is a delve into the mind of front man Matty Healy. I find it hard to think of a song that has as many different emotions in it than this, every time you listen it takes you on a massive ride. Production wise, this is cream of the crop. It’s largely an instrumental track, but there’s really no need for lyrics, the music on it’s on tells a massive story about one mans troubled thoughts.

17. Milk

No prizes for guessing what this song is about (and no, it isn’t about milk). Matty spells it out to us throughout this hidden bonus track at the end of You that the song is about a girl who he met that was introduced to a drug culture that saw casual use as something that is exactly that; casual. As the song progresses into a very cool chorus it becomes apparent that the girl is a regular user and Matty isn’t really sure how he feels about it. A great song packed with relatable topics and witty metaphors.

16. Haunt//Bed 

One of the groups most eerie tracks and certainly one of the slowest. It manages to grip audiences with how deep it is, as the lyrics discuss a complicated, toxic relationship. This track came from the IV EP, as the final push before the release of their debut album, so this gave new fans a glimpse of a really dark style, which was a risk that would pay off.

15. Loving Someone 

There’s not many experiences quite like seeing this song live. Healy talks about all the bullshit there is in the world, Brexit, Trump and discrimination, then this track starts. A rainbow of colours flood the stage, and the lyrics fit how the world should be. It’s a beautiful track as well as an inspiring track. I get the impression that in 20 years time this will be a classic for more reasons than one.

14. The Sound

Funky and energetic to the core, Matty described this song as follows: “It wears its pop on its sleeve and it’s kind of unabashed. There hasn’t been a vehicle yet for us to do that. This album is perfect [for the song] because it’s juxtaposed with everything the album is.” The track contains a pop confidence that hasn’t really been explored to the extent of this song before and it tied in wonderfully well with the visions of their second album. Context aside, the song is a banger and pays homage to 80s pop-funk better than most.

13. UGH! 

The second track released from the groups second album was a belter. This track showed the groups evolution perfectly, the production was synth heavy and very funky. Matty bares his soul on this track and talks about his cocaine addictions. It shows maturity as a group that they can blend such funky production with quite a deep subject. It’s ridiculously cool and as honest as possible lyrically.

12. Sex 

One of the songs that brought the band to fame here. It’s in your face, and as far as the 1975 goes, this is hardcore music. We all know what this tracks about as soon as you read the title. Healy has been quoted saying this track is a “love letter to every prudish 17-year old girl.” One thing I can’t praise the 1975 for enough is getting musical inspiration from their own lives, something Healy shows here, and generally in every song.

11. fallingforyou

Matty believes this song to be the best song he has ever written, or at least that’s what he said when the first album came out. It is easy to see why he has regrets about this not featuring on the debut album but it holds a special place in the hearts of the fans, which is more than enough gratification for him. The lyrics look at the impatience he has with his feelings for this girl, pouring his heart out to her while not being 100% sure if he is actually falling for her; hence the “I think” in the hook.

10. She Way Out 

There’s something about this track that just brings nostalgic thoughts. A story of drugs, drinking, smoking, girls and dancing. This song is a bout a girl that can’t dance, they don’t all have to be deep. Whether she can’t dance because she’s bad or because she’s high is however you interpret it, all I know is this song is absolute wobbler.

9. M.O.N.E.Y 

Sampled by Travis Scott in 2014, M.O.N.E.Y is one of the earliest singles from their debut albums featured some absolutely incredible production bordering on R&B. This is one original track, something you’ll be hard pressed to find another band making. Lyrically it’s all about Healy at a younger age, doing drugs, smoking, drinking and pulling girls.

8. Head.Cars.Bending

This song is simply staggering in terms of production; as the song title would suggest it is a bit all over the place but in the best kind of way. We hear steady progressive synth chords at the start before a sheer explosion of sound waves and electronics to back up with Matty’s bizarre vocal delivery. This is one of many songs the band have done that follows this narrative of grand, futuristic production alongside passionate and loud Matty vocals and by god does it work.

7. Love Me 

Accidentally made through jamming on the road, Love Me is the leading track from the bands sophomore album. It’s sarcastically narcissistic, a song about rejecting the life of fame and fortune. Rather than it being just “love me”, it’s “love me, if that’s what you wanna do.” It has a genius guitar riff, and it’s generally a mega bop. With this being the first track of their second album, it showed a massive change in direction for the album.

6. Girls 

Perhaps the most famous 1975 song. It’s full of fun and full of funkiness. It’s something that you can’t help but sing along to and tap those toes, our in our case go absolutely bat shit crazy in the club. Girls is full of nostalgia and slightly rebellious. The bands music video for this absolute bop was a clever one, if you haven’t seen it I recommend you do. An out and out tune.

5. A Change Of Heart

This song was always going to rank highly on Viberant’s list the nostalgic feeling it can often give. Ellis, the last of our team to really get on board with the band, saw this as a standout listen when he first heard the second album thanks to the harmonic synthesisers and the quirky folly of youth lyrics by Matty Healy. Granted the instrumental in the chorus still sounds like a Legend of Zelda soundtrack but the song as a whole meshes together for some gorgeous moments.

4. I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It

This lengthy track is in large an instrumental, and personally, this is the most well produced track in the entire 1975 discography. Absolutely stunning. There aren’t many songs that can evoke as many emotions as this track does, it’s thoughtful, fun, eerie and upbeat all in one. All of those emotions in a song about somebody leaving you, it shows how excellent this production is.

3. Robbers 

Matt Healy described this track as being “inspired by those all or nothing loves” Bonnie and Clyde style, “the type of relationship all humans long for.” It’s an intense and deep track about two toxic lovers who are robbing each other of potential happiness. This is one of the bands best vocal performances ever, it’s full of emotion through those vocals and through some of it’s lyrics. A truly incredible song, one that was always going to feature highly, and one that we’ve teared up to live.

2. Menswear

A song about a day at a wedding, split into an instrumental part and some wacky lyricism by Matty. The first half is entirely instrumental and electronic with the occasional heavily synthesised vocals but you find yourself totally encapsulated by the brilliance of the understated instrumentals. The lyrical content is cheeky but serious as Matty faces demons and even calls out the bride during a crazy speech, we adore this song at Viberant and it is bitterly unlucky to miss out on top spot.

1. Somebody Else

Here we have our number one 1975 song, Somebody Else. Not only is this the greatest 1975 song, but it’s one of Viberant’s favourite songs ever. It’s the groups highest charted song across the pond in the US and one of their higher charted songs in the UK. It was on countless end of year lists in 2016, with good reason. It’s a relatable track, with themes of jealousy for an ex who’s moved on. Later in the track Matty denies love in favour of money, something you could look at from many angles. The music video for this track has got to be one of the greatest and wackiest of all time. This song is beautifully produced and masterfully performed. One of the best songs of the decade.

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