Top Ten Vince Staples Songs

Ah Vince Staples, always controversial, very rarely incorrect in what he says though. The truth just seems to hurt people. I find it hard to think of a single bad Vince Staples song, he’s an incredible artist who’s just getting started, here’s Viberant’s top ten songs of his.


10. Summertime 




The most reflective song in Vince Staples entire discography. Vince bares his soul on this one. In a song very different to the rest on this list, Vince talks about love and and the problems he’s faced through it. The track is a slow one and completely changes Vince’s usual monster flow, but it’s a classic track that showed maturity beyond his years.


9. Blue Suede






Perhaps the coming out track for Vince. Blue Suede was the biggest track from Vince’s mixtape Hell Can Wait in 2014. Vince goes ridiculously hard on this track, thanks to his viciousness and killer flow his debut album a year later would have plenty of publicity. The beat goes hard, something we’d come to expect from pretty much every Vince Staples song.


8. War Ready 

One thing you can praise Vince for every single time is his choice of features, he nails it time and again, this time with a crazy sampled verse from Andre 3000. That verse was followed by an extremely catch hook. Quality production from James Blake made this by far the best track from Staples’ Prima Donna mixtape in 2016.


7. Love Can Be





Remember that genius feature work I spoke about? Getting Damon Albarn, Kilo Kish and Ray J all on a track is just something else. Staples has been vocal of his love for Ray J so it’s cool to see him here, even if it is minimal. This is some of my favourite production off Vince’s most recent album,


6. Crabs In A Bucket

The opening track to Big Fish Theory. It was a sign of the incredible things to come, you soon realised this was a special album. The electric vibes in the production is unique to rap, making this not only the rap album of 2017, but a quality electronic album too. Vince has one of the best flows in the game that can suit any type of production, so really tracks like this are very rare, only the very best can pull it off.


5. Lift Me Up



One of the lead tracks from Summertime 06 here, and it’s a fantastic introduction into what will go down as an absolute classic album. Like many of Vince’s tracks, this looks at the tough life people live in Long Beach and comparisons to the rich side of living with lyrics such as “I need to fight the power but I need that new Ferrari”. Staples has some incredible lyricism, add a trippy as hell video and the fact he goes hard 99.9% of the time, this is an out and out banger.


4. Senorita 

Is there a more bang on feature in the entire world than Future? Every time he hops on a track he does what’s required. Whether you understand him or not, he gave this track an incredibly good hook, and Vince comes in on the verses with a silly flow. The pairing was one of the best anyone could ask for, a stroke of genius from these men on this track. Not to mention the wicked music video that went with it.


3. 745


This song is one of his greatest songs large in part to the killer production, I cannot stress to everyone how heavy this is. The solid yet simplistic lyricism is easy to enjoy, particularly the catchy and clever hook. I find it to be the standout solo single from The Big Fish Theory, which is massive praise considering I had it down as my best album of 2017.



2. Yeah Right

A great thing about Big Fish Theory is that on the tracklist there was no features in sight, so when half way through this track Kendrick Lamar jumps in and shocks everyone, then proceeds to give an incredible verse, you’re pretty pumped. The production here is on another planet. I said it at the time and I stand by it, when Kendrick hopped on this track, we got a glimpse of the two best in the game featured on a track, something that rarely happens.


1. Norf Norf

And here we have it, the viral Norf Norf is number one. This song went from a big song to an absolutely massive song, and was really the catalyst that sent Vince Staples to the top of the rap game. The flow is incredible, the lyrics are witty, the production is slick. It’s the kind of song that you can’t get out of your head once it’s on the mind. Vince has more than enough ability to top this track, and he undoubtedly will because he’s an incredible artists who’s a million miles from peaking. If Norf Norf is anything to go by, we could be looking at a serious contender for the top spot in rap one day.

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