Reading & Leeds Fest Line Up- Our Thoughts

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, Reading and Leeds Festival finally released it’s first announcement, three headliners were announced, along with tons of acts across a plethora or genres. It’s received some negative press, but do Viberant agree or disagree with that press?

Long story short, no. We do not agree with the negative press, and here’s why.

There’s something for everyone. While a lot of the negative press are saying “it’s too grime, it’s a rock festival.” What? A rock festival that sold out last year thanks to Eminem? A rock festival that’s greatest act this year is Kendrick Lamar? We all just have to accept that times are changing, rap is the most listened to genre in the world at the moment, festivals are bound to go with what’s big. The headliners are Fall Out Boy, Kendrick and Kings of Leon, in all likelihood there’s something fun for all. Kendrick is the biggest act on the lineup by far, a deserving headliner whether you’re a rap fan or not.

To add to the festivals diversity this year, we have newcomers in BROCKHAMPTON, Dua Lipa and Skepta’s first ever solo spot. It’s great to have new blood at the festival, a chance to see acts that we’ve never seen.

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. “Outdated acts that shouldn’t be on the bill over the Arctic Monkeys.” Sorry to break it to everyone, but the Arctic Monkeys are not the be all and end all of festivals. Twitter was so convinced that AM would headline, as was I. But when they weren’t announced, I didn’t cry and complain, I just looked at the positives, but a lot of people didn’t. No AM no party.

I genuinely think people just like to complain a little too much, it might not be the best festival lineup ever, but it’s good. Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood aren’t the answer to an amazing festival, you need more depth than that. Baring in mind that this is only the first announcement of many, it’s fair to say it’s off to a good start. We’re going to see a lot more big names added to this lineup. Regardless of what people are saying, there will still be 100,000+ fans attending, myself and the rest of Viberant included. Check out the full lineup below and let us know what you think.


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