The DAMN Tour- Manchester Review

The Viberant team all had the honour of travelling to Manchester to witness Kendrick Lamar on one of his earliest stages of his European DAMN Tour, did it live up to the expectations everyone had set?

To kick of proceedings we had the privilege of seeing James Blake, who is supporting Kendrick throughout the entire tour. At one point in time I questioned the pairing, but all questions were gone when Blake began his set, it was beyond incredible. Blake is a musical genius, his entire set had the audience enthralled from start to finish. Some of his songs were enough to give you goosebumps, with absolutely stunning live production.

Then came the main event, Kendrick Lamar, who throughout the show addressed himself as Kung Fu Kenny. The show started with the DAMN curtain dropping, as Kendrick came out to DNA, possibly the greatest opener of any concert ever. Despite his Black Panther Soundtrack being released, he stuck to the DAMN album and looked back to classics from TPAB and GKMC including King Kunta, Swimming Pools, and even his verse from Collard Greens. 

The Viberant team had one of the best views in the house when Kung Fu Kenny came onto the secondary stage. When Kendrick returned to the main stage, he received the loudest and longest ovation I have ever been apart of, it was a truly crazy moment, one that made you proud to be there in that moment.

Before Kendrick could even rap HUMBLE, the crowd took over as he stood and watched us perform for him, once we’d rapped the entirety of the song, it was his turn to perform again, in one of the most top quality live songs you’ll ever see. We got an encore of GOD to end the set, and one of the best, if not the best gig I have ever been to.

It’s very much worth mentioning the three short scenes we got to see, that all built into one mini film, a story of The Black Turtle a kung fu master, it was a really fun and comical way to get around the short breaks that were needed.

Another massive praise of the DAMN tour, is Kenny pretty much included every track from DAMN in the set list, even if he didn’t perform a track he still managed to get an instrumental in there or something. It was much more than a concert, it was a piece of artistry, it was an entire spectacle.

After seeing Drake, Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick once before, I can easily see this was the best rap performance I have ever seen live. Both Kendrick and Blake put on an outstanding show, a complete 10 out 10.

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