Classic Album Review: MF Doom- Mm.. Food

MF DOOM, MM FOOD… Where do I start? After releasing many different bodies of work, under many many different aliases including Viktor Vaughan and King Geedorah, MM FOOD (2004) is the second studio album by the UK born rapper MF DOOM (Who, as of February 2018 has over 1,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify).

Based on 22 reviews on metacritic, MM FOOD scored a fairly average overall score of 81. However, now that time has passed and it’s been left to stew a little. MM FOOD has gained a huge cult following and incidentally was the first DOOM album I listened to, and the first I fell in love with. But not a typical love… But more of an awakening. An awakening to so many different worlds of music such as fusion and funk and even the ever changing and evolving world of hip-hop.


It has even been said that MM FOOD is one of the “Maddest and Most Memorable Concept Albums”. So let’s talk about the obvious. The FOOD. Each song on the album, if you couldn’t already tell by the track names and album name itself, revolves around the sticky theme of food. And includes some of the tastiest rhymes you’ve ever blessed your ears with. Take Kon Karne for example:

Blessed with a hot flow

Tested, it got dough

Invested in stress the best to finesse an opto

As I reminisce never forgot when I was very broke

Shot the Henny straight couldn’t afford to cop the cherry coke

Sweet, Right?

Okay, controversial opinion time. Although the latter mentioned seems to be more critically acclaimed across the board, I genuinely prefer this masterpiece of an album to the collaboration album between Madlib and DOOM himself, Madvillainy. Where are you going? Don’t be like that… Let me explain myself. To me, this album is just on another plain of existence. Doom really brings his producer cards to the table with some truly unforgettable instrumentals. Take for instance the somewhat vulgar ear worm that is Hoe Cakes. Try getting that out of your ear after just one listen… I’ll wait.

However, in some cases, the instrumental sections can also be where DOOM falls a little short. Sometimes the gimmicky comic-book-hero style monologues that follow the majority of the songs start to grind on you a little. But this is an issue simply resolved with a swift click of the skip button.


Hoe Cakes

One Beer


Kon Karne

Deep Fried Frenz


Poo-Putt Platter



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