Black Panther Soundtrack Released- Our Thoughts

Fresh off his Grammy domination, Kendrick Lamar has announced that the 9th of February will be the release of The Black Panther Soundtrack, and what an absolutely star studded lineup it is, but what does it mean for music? Will it be great?

To answer that last question, yes, it will be. It’s near impossible to have Kendrick, TDE and an abundance of stars and have anything other than a success. But it’ll be much more than good in terms of what it means for music.


The album is the soundtrack to the Black Panther movie, which has largely being praised for being a “cultural phenomenon” for African culture, so the soundtrack being performed and produced by African American’s is that smart move, Kendrick was always going to be a popular choice, a lot more popular than Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift. If the rumours of the magnitude of this film are true, then the soundtrack will play a large part, we could potentially be looking at the cultural album of the year already.

Moving away from this albums cultural importance, the track listing just looks absolutely insane. It’s TDE heavy, with Kendrick Lamar, SZA, SchoolBoy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock. Outside of TDE, we have surprise inclusions of Jorja Smith and Swae Lee, which are absolutely incredible inclusions in the album. Vince Staples is a no brainer and James Blake is a straight up genius. Ending the album with The Weeknd and Travis Scott further adds to the star power of the album. Check out the full tracklisting below and check out the film and soundtrack on the 9th of February!


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