After a remarkable 2017, BROCKHAMPTON now have plenty of songs in their back catalogue, but which one is the best of the lot? It’s time for the top 10 songs of the world’s favourite boyband.

10. SUMMER (From Saturation II)

Given the task of closing all of BROCKHAMPTON’s albums with a sensual ballad; Ciaran Ruaridh McDonald, also known as Bearface, hits it out the park with SUMMER, the finale of the second instalment from the Saturation era. The song has a real high school prom vibe to it, just screaming out for someone to do a romantic slowdance to thanks to those gorgeous guitar licks and his heavenly vocal delivery. It is by far and away this best song Bearface has done and it is more than worthy of a spot on this list.

9. BLEACH (From Saturation III)

Since the release of Saturation III, BLEACH has become the most well received song from the album and it doesn’t take a genius to see why. This song, in reality, displays the absolute best of every weapon in the BROCKHAMPTON arsenal; it has melody in the catchy chorus thanks to Kevin Abstract, fantastic rap verses from Merlyn, Ameer, Matt and Dom and even finds room for a Bearface heart-melting moment at the end. The beat is upbeat enough to bop your head to but it has that underlying tone of sadness and serenity.

8. GOLD (From Saturation I)

Arguably the catchiest hook BROCKHAMPTON have ever done, Kevin raps about his friends and keeping it fresh with a gold chain round his neck. That beat is nasty and has such a great modern sound to it, something which is rode brilliantly by Matt Champion, Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon and Merlyn Wood; the latter of which is white hot with his infectious style and flow. We are even treated to a piece of Joba insanity at the end as he uses his vocal chords as an instrument of experiment, ranging his tones from the harmonic to the down right bizarre.

7. JUNKY (From Saturation II)

The song with the hardest hitting messages in the BROCKHAMPTON discography, whether it is Kevin’s shock factor verse in which he angrily raps about the system’s hatred of his open homosexuality or Matt Champion’s criminally underrated verse about rape culture which is 100% truth to the core. The beat changes are wild and unhinged but it suits the narrative down to a T, especially when we hear Ameer’s verse about his drug addiction and the mental trauma it put him through. I just love the emotion that is put into this song, it feels so personal and I am fully here for that.

6. GUMMY (From Saturation II)

This song opens up the Saturation II album and sounds so heavenly and beautiful for the first 15 seconds, after that is an explosion of hip-hop infamy. Kevin Abstract snaps on the beat and steals the show with the first verse on the whole album and very few can come close to it. I also absolutely adore the hook and the inventive use of autotune by Kevin to simulate two different people between verse and chorus, a tool used very often by BROCKHAMPTON. It is tough to point out a flaw in the whole track really because everyone who has an involvement on the track absolutely kills it, but what’s new there?

5. HOTTIE (From Saturation III)

HOTTIE is unlike anything the group have done before sonically, appearing to take a more experimental route but the lyrical content is as deep and meaningful as we have come to expect. Each member challenges their role in life, the struggles and challenges they deal with simply by being alive. The song has a lovely side to it where it sees a real unity between the group members and how they can all turn to each other to help put the stress to the back of their minds, it’s stunning in delivery. Merlyn has my favourite part on the track because I just adore the way he rides the beat, he switches it up so much compared to how Joba rapped, which was great also.

4. STAR (From Saturation I)

The first ever song I heard from this boyband. It was love at first listen, the beat was enough for me to obsess over this song forevermore; but once they started rapping this passion grew deeper. Dom McLennon gives one of his greatest performances to date, joining Ameer Vann and Kevin Abstract in some first class name dropping, varying from Heath Ledger to Secret Agent Cody Banks. It was a bold move from Kevin in particular, who stood tall on his verse and made it clear in no uncertain terms the facts of his sexuality, something which I find truly commendable and he hasn’t veered from that stance once.

3. BOOGIE (From Saturation III)

BROCKHAMPTON really weren’t playing games on this one. When BOOGIE came out I was in my university library losing the will to live doing assignments. Needless to say that I played this song the moment it was released and the first thing I did once it had finished was play it again. And again. And again. It filled me with excitement; I hadn’t even grown tired of the first two Saturation albums and already I have this to look forward to. It is the best single beat BROCKHAMPTON have ever had and every single performance on it is magical, especially Joba’s four bars which are manic but marvellous. I really didn’t think they could top this on Saturation III but as you’ll see on this list, they had one more trick up their sleeve…

2. SWEET (From Saturation II)

Right up until the drop of Saturation III, this was by far and away my favourite song BROCKHAMPTON had done, it had energy, personality and an absolutely banging verse from none other than Joba, more known for screaming than spitting fire. Another incredible hook thanks to Kevin Abstract (imagine my shock) which breaks up the verses perfectly, getting us properly prepared for everyone’s involvement; especially Merlyn’s which is just ace. Remember, don’t call Merlyn stupid because that’s not the way his name is pronounced. I buzzed off this song for months and must have annoyed everyone that knew me with how often I played it, but who cares when the song is THIS good?

1. SISTER/NATION (From Saturation III)

This song is a biblical experience. Six minutes of rollercoaster emotions, varying from reflection of the good times of youth, the struggles with mental health and the contrasting thoughts you go through every day of your life. The beat selection is just pure insanity, with every single one hitting the mark perfectly and telling new tales to the already complex and diverse narrative. The standout moments of this song vocally are without doubt the incredible verses from Dom McLennon and Matt Champion; both spitting with incredible flow and cadence while also being very open about their lives and inviting the listener into their worlds. Words can’t really do the genius of this track justice, you just need to listen to it yourself and appreciate the long road they have taken to get to where they are now. BROCKHAMPTON, I salute you.

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