Ranking Drake’s Albums

Drake is by far and away one of the biggest names in music, it’s not up for discussion anymore. Every project he releases breaks records with the fans, he’s one of the most streamed artists ever, and with good reason. Below are his biggest eight projects ranked from worst to best.

8. So Far Gone (2009)


This was the first time people had took notice of Drake, his first big mixtape. While it wasn’t the best thing ever by any stretch, it was fun and it was good, certainly good enough to be a platform for Drake to jump up to the next level. Boy did he ever take that jump up.


7. Views (2016)


This was suppose to be the pinnacle of Drake, his biggest and best album yet. What we got was underwhelming, it was too long and there wasn’t enough good content. One Dance and Pop Style became rap anthems but it was never going stand the test of time as an album. It sold very well, as Drake does, but it really was the worst thing he’s made since he first came onto the scene.


6. What A Time To Be Alive (2015)


Drake dropped his first and only collab album in 2015 with one of raps biggest names, Future. The hype was at an all time high for Drake when this album dropped, so everyone was calling this one of the best albums of year, the reality was that it was far from that. It was a good album, it had some cool production and some big songs, but all in all it was just really good, not spectacular. It’s a testament to Drake that one of his worst albums, is in fact better than most people’s best.


5. Thank Me Later (2010)


Drake’s debut album was a big one, it was the birth of one of musics biggest stars. It showed Drake’s R&B vibes off very well, and showed that he’s not afraid to come out with some big bars. He’s a man of many musical talents and he showed them all off remarkably. With this album the stage was set, everyone knew Drake and what he was capable of, next thing you know Drake is the biggest name in music.


4. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (2015)


2015 was a busy year for Drake, in fact every year is a busy year for Drake, but he had two projects in 2015. This was a fun album, full of good tracks that all linked well together. It felt like a project, something which Drake misses sometimes. While it was a little long, it didn’t feel that it was the case. This was the fifth time in a row that Drake had hit the mark in a big way, he was a star, everything he touched at this time turned into gold, not a lot has changed from then to now.


3. More Life (2017)


Drake’s most recent project is by far one of his best. While it might be a little too long and a little too jumbled, it’s jam packed with certified bangers. This was a different style of Drake, who’d adopted some UK vibes, it was a welcome change after the failure of Views. Drake proven himself as someone who can come back bigger and better. His work with Giggs and Skepta appealed to a new audience, while his old audience were as thrilled as ever.


2. Nothing Was The Same (2013)


One of Drake’s less star studded albums in terms of features, it’s a positive in that it allowed him to really come into his own and show everyone what he’s capable of. At this point in time Drake really was among the biggest names in music, so there was a certain amount of pressure with that, he dealt with it the only way Drake can, he smashed it out of the park. Big tracks like Hold on, We’re Going Home, and Started From The Bottom, became anthems, and Drake became a massive household name.


1. Take Care (2011)


Drake’s number one album, bar none. It’s large in part to his work with The Weeknd, who played a part in the production and writing of the album. It’s something Drake has got stick for in the past, but as I see it all it did was help Drake improve and make his best music possible. Every feature on this album serves it’s purpose, everyone did an excellent job but never stole the show, Drake was the one who stole the show. R&B Drake is the best form of Drake, he isn’t an out and out rapper, when he lets his feelings flow into the R&B vibes it makes for his best work, it’s evident here.

One thought on “Ranking Drake’s Albums

  1. Trying to rank drake Album is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle since they are all good.Its cool you rank More Life that high since It carries such a good blend.


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