Radiohead & Lana Del Rey in court battle

Lana Del Rey is at the heart of a court battle with British rock band Radiohead after an alleged copyright infringement regarding the band’s 1993 single ‘Creep’.

The singer/songwriter has been accused of stealing the style of the track on her song ‘Get Free’; the closer to her latest album ‘Lust For Life’. Despite offering 40% of the publishing royalties, Radiohead have demanded 100% or a lawsuit will follow.

Del Rey took to Twitter to confirm the news and share her thoughts on the matter, seemingly adamant that the song bared no correlation to the Radiohead track in question:

The issue is still ongoing and a date for the case is yet to be confirmed but have a listen for yourselves and see if you can recognise the similarities because I certainly can, particularly in the melodies and chord structure.

Here is Lana’s track:


And here is the Radiohead song she has supposedly copied:

It certainly will be an intriguing case to follow given the fiery personalities of the two acts in question, but what hasn’t been noted quite as much as it probably should have been is that Radiohead themselves were successfully sued for the similarities ‘Creep’ shared with The Hollies song ‘The Air That I Breathe’. Here is the song in question:

Musical lawsuits have become somewhat of a hot topic since Robin Thicke and Bruno Mars’ hit ‘Blurred Lines’ was successfully sued by Marvin Gaye’s estate for the influences it takes from ‘Got To Give It Up’.

In an age of sampling in music and heavy influence, with everyone taking each other’s ideas and advancing them for their own accord, it often begs the question as to how this sort of thing can be avoided.

The world of social media has made it basically impossible to have a conspiracy or piece of foul play go unnoticed and cases such as this one can provide valuable lessons for those trying to avoid this scenario in the future.

Can you think of any other cases where songs have been directly copied or influenced without the credit they deserve? Be sure to let us know on all of our social media pages and get in touch:

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