Round-Up Reviews: November

Aside from the massive releases from Taylor Swift and Jaden Smith this month, we’ve had a ton of releases, some of which people don’t even know about, here’s a round-up of some of the quality or not so quality music you might have missed.

Aside from the massive releases from Taylor Swift and Jaden Smith this month, we’ve had a ton of releases, some of which people don’t even know about, here’s a round-up of some of the quality or not so quality music you might have missed.


Corbin – Mourn


Corbin, once known as Spooky Black, gained a cult following for his amazing EP Leaving, this album is just as good as the EP that made him famous, it’s certainly dark and eerie. His vocals have improved massively over the years and his passion is always apparent. Maybe it’s a hard listen at points, more aggressive than ever and some very dark lyrics, but the sky is the limit for this 19 year old. 7/10.


Björk – Utopia


Icelandic songstress Bjork brings us into her world of Utopia with this album and it’s a thing of beauty. The heavenly production is a joy to behold and Bjork sounds better than ever vocally as she sings with delicate melody and high pitched ecstasy. Is it better than her 2015 masterclass ‘Vulnicura’? It runs it very very close and that in itself is an achievement given the glory of that album. Basically this is a job very well done from one of music’s most polarising but immaculate talents. 8/10 here.


Wiz Khalifa – Laugh Now, Fly Later

laugh now_wiz khalifa

Wiz dropped this mixtape on us this month, and I doubt I’ll ever hear it again if I’m honest. I wouldn’t call it bad by any means, more so average. Wiz Khalifa is not good enough to make a top end project, especially in this case as it’s near enough bare of any features to give it that extra spark, really it’s nothing I haven’t heard before. Wiz shows flashes of brilliance on his singles, but ultimately his full length projects fall short of the mark, it’s a 4/10 overall for me.

Yung Lean – Stranger

yung lean

Lean’s new album is by far his best work, it shows sides of him turning his back on the rap game in the future, he’s even said himself he doesn’t know his genre anymore. Yung Lean is still a very young artist still finding his feet and still getting better and better, I think we’re finally seeing his full potential on what is a solid 7/10 album.


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Who Built The Moon?


Noel Gallagher and his crew were back with their third studio album, and it’s not a bad piece at all. Comparisons will of course be drawn with his brother Liam, and all the hype aside, I’d say this is just as good as As You Were, if not better, please don’t shoot me for saying that. Overall this, much like his brother’s album, is a 7/10.


Kurupt FM Present the Lost Tape


Ever since the release of BAFTA winning People Just Do Nothing, Kurupt FM have absolutely popped off, and have recently signed a record deal. This lost tape is insane amounts of fun, it’s never going to be the best lyrically, but it’s pretty damn fun from the standpoint of a Kurupt FM fan, they’ve managed to get a 6/10 here for the joy they’ve brought me.


Dave – Game Over


UK rapper Santan Dave released a short EP earlier in the month to the joy of fans who will be clamouring for a studio album next year. The EP shows some real high moments for Dave, particularly the track opener Game Over along with the released track No Words featuring MoStacks which has popped. The album is to accompany his UK tour and at the age of 19 the sky is the limit for this man. 7/10.


Morrissey – Low In High-School


Probably the best thing about this insufferable album is it’s controversial cover art. Nothing good at all here, some bang average tracks and some really bad tracks, this album was made for his fandom and nothing more, a fandom that may start to dwindle, this album is about as good as Taylor Swift’s, both of which are the most narcissistic albums of the month. 3/10.


Tokio Myers – Our Generation


Possibly the most credible musician to win a UK talent show ever? Tokio Myers made British prime television worth it with his genius blend of piano classics and pop songs, and his debut album is very much the same. He released his remix of Ed Sheeran and Ruidmental’s Bloodstream, along with a remix of The Weeknd’s Angels. It did reasonably well in the charts and it’s something that’s not really seen on the big stage, I for one am a big fan and this 7/10 album will only bolster this mans young career.


DRAM – #1HappyHoliday EP


DRAM dropped a surprise holiday themed EP on us with three Christmas tracks. I’ve said it time and again, I’m not massive on Christmas and hip hop merging, but this isn’t half bad, large in part to the fact that DRAM is damn good. This is nothing more than a bit of fun, and I’m certainly no Scrooge, so shoutsout DRAM for this 5/10 who made me smile with this piece.


Overall a solid enough month for music, there’s nothing that’s set the world a light, nothing that’d smash a top 10 of the year, but a lot of good releases that I’d be more than happy again, it’s a great shame that people have praised a Taylor Swift album and missed some of these albums all together.

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