Album Review: Taylor Swift – Reputation

On this album it is almost as if Taylor tries her utmost to come across as the world’s biggest narcissist when in reality she doesn’t need to try that hard at all, most of us knew that she was already.

Taylor Swift is a global phenomenon, a country singer turned pop sensation and one of this generation’s most popular and therefore unpopular artists. Much like has been the case for people like Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran, Taylor has had a loyal army of fans support her pop drive but along with that has had a barrage of hate from people who can often see her music as surface level. Ever since her infamous 2009 VMA victory when she was a fresh faced 19 year old and Kanye West ruined her big moment by running on stage and claiming she didn’t deserve it, there has been nothing but controversy surrounding Swift and she often ignored it. That is until now, when she has come back with a bang from her Grammy winning album ‘1989’, an album which scandalously beat Kendrick Lamar at the White Excellence awards (aka the Grammys) in 2015. Let’s have a look at her new album, ‘Reputation’.

The singles on this are absolutely diabolical, sorry to break it to you but I really can’t get on board with them. She tries far too hard to be edgy and unique and by doing so sounds generic and the furthest thing from edgy you could possibly imagine. ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is a direct attack at those who have angered her and brought out this response; what she fails to mention is that this character change would bring about narcissism in it’s finest form, an ego-maniac whose privilege has soared to her head and reached boiling point. ‘Ready For It?’ is even worse, believe it or not and ‘Call It What You Want’ completed the hattrick of pre-release disappointment.

Surprisingly, the singles are the worst things on this album, so whoever chose to promote the album in this fashion is crazy, they chose image and controversy over actually decent music. ‘New Year’s Day’ is a really cute and quirky track which looks at the outstanding factors of a New Years Eve kiss and the work done to tidy up afterwards showing more romance than the kiss itself. ‘Dress’ is sexy and sensual as the song finally explores the side of Taylor we had never heard before.

I have never really been a huge fan of Taylor Swift or her music, not just because of my unhealthy obsession with Kanye West but also because I find her music plain and unoriginal, she was doing her thing and i can respect that, ‘Red’ and ‘1989’ are seen as very good pop albums so fair play to her for that, but this album has forced my hand and to say my piece.

Swift is obsessed with two things here; herself and being unique. Everyone knows that if you try hard to be unique you are joining a not-so-exclusive normie club where you are in fact, not even remotely unique. On this album it is almost as if Taylor tries her utmost to come across as the world’s biggest narcissist when in reality she doesn’t need to try that hard at all, most of us knew that she was already.

This album has sold two million copies worldwide already and went platinum after one week, it is the fastest and best selling album of 2017 and Swift has pushed people using physical copies of albums far more than anyone else has recently so it isn’t all doom and gloom. What needs to be stressed about this album is that my opinion isn’t the be-all and end-all, if you enjoy it that is fine, if you don’t then that is fine. With that being said I may and well give you a closing statement on Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ album: it is arrogant, brash and not really that enjoyable, there are a few standout songs but all in all it is Taylor trying to swerve into a lane that doesn’t exist for her. Stick to the pop anthems and let the real influential minds do this kind of stuff.


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