Top 10 Kanye West Features

It’s not the most famous of Kanye’s features but it was near perfection throughout, the lyricism and the delivery. It’s not only his best feature, but it’s one of his best verses ever.

Kanye West has been around the block. He’s been in the industry for over two decades and he’s been heavily featured by some of the worlds biggest artists for over a decade. It might be less frequent these days, but it felt at one point in time that everyone worked with Kanye, he was the hottest property in music and if he graced your song with a feature then you were going to have a hit. There’s hundreds of Kanye features so to whittle it down to ten is a tough task, but here’s Viberant’s definitive list of the top ten Kanye features on.


10. Drake Ft Kanye- Glow

I might get some stick here because I know a lot of people thought this song was a little bit trash, but I personally loved it. Regardless of what people continue to say I think Drizzy and Yeezy work well together, I wouldn’t ever want a full collab album, but a track between the two every now and then is good fun and more often than not I find they deliver.



9. Ghostface Killah Ft Kanye & Neyo- Back Like That (Remix)

Every now and then I’ve just got to vibe to some old school Kanye West, his style back in the mid 2000’s was so fun and this is no different here, he’s jumps on a remix with the extremely underrated Ghostface Killah and together they do an amazing job, along with Neyo of course.


8. Mr Hudson Ft Kanye- Supernova

The best thing about doing this list was the sheer nostalgia of listening to these tracks again. This was Mr Hudson’s rise to fame and one of the biggest songs of the year. I distinctly remember how big this song was, it felt like it was the only song played at the time, but it didn’t feel overplayed. It was addictive, Mr Hudson fell off after this, but he will always be remembered for this pure wobbler with Ye.


7. Beyonce Ft Kanye & Jay- Z- Drunk In Love (Remix)

As if this song wasn’t amazing enough then they go add Kanye into a remix and it’s greatness increases. It’s not just Kanye’s verse in this that makes it great, there’s subtle tweaks to the production which just make it so much better, the blending of Ye’s own song Flashing Lights is a masterful piece of production. Also something about this song makes me think that Kanye genuinely wishes he could be with Beyonce.


6. Katy Perry Ft Kanye- E.T

By far and away the best Katy Perry song ever, and that’s pretty much because Kanye jumped on the track. In two individual verses he manages to turn this song into a major anthem. Props to Katy Perry too because this is probably her best work regardless of Kanye, it’s a lot more intense than her normal work, she blended perfectly with Kanye. Although Kanye didn’t have a lot of time here, he still jam packed it with sexual innuendos and reference to his lack of sanity.



5. Drake Ft Kanye, Lil Wayne & Eminem- Forever

What a hit this one was. Drake’s coming out party so to speak, as he managed to get three of raps biggest names ever on a track, and boy did it deliver in a massive way. Kanye was a little out done on this track by but that’s no knock when you look at who was on it, he was still phenomenal. It’s worth noting all of these solid features were around the 2009, as I’ve said he’s lost steam in recent years. His flow here was pretty hard, along with Em and Wayne they gave Drake a massive boost early on in his career. Ye can make people and break people.


4. Estelle Ft Kanye- American Boy

One of the biggest R&B anthems ever right here. It’s unquestionable just how massive this track is, the kind of track that every single person in a club knows the words to. Kanye did the usual here, he jumped on the track and took Estelle from big to gigantic. It’s the power he has in music. Lyrically there isn’t layers here, but we don’t always need a deep track, this one was just mad fun and mad catchy.


3. Vic Mensa Ft Kanye- U Mad

One of Vic’s very best songs, it’s aggressive, well produced, and a certified banger. Kanye’s work on the hook and more importantly his verse is worthy of his own tracks. His verse is jammed with lyrics about his drug use, his run-ins with paparazzi and an Amber Rose diss. You can tell that Kanye has a lot of time for Vic Mensa, letting him hop on Wolves and giving him one of his very best features ever.


2. Jay- Z Ft Kanye & Rihanna- Run This Town

I miss the days of Jay and Ye, there was a couple years where they where it felt like these guys where untouchable together. Run This Town was produced by Yeezy and he gifted us with his very best feature ever on what was and still is a monster track. Certain collabs always work, not only Jay and Ye, but the addition of Rihanna worked wonders here. It’s a track that felt like it should’ve been on Watch The Throne rather than a Jay-Z solo album. The flow here from Yeezy is outstanding stuff, it’s a nostalgic track for me, 2009-2011 we were gifted to have Kanye West, everything he touched turned to pure gold. Big hate for Jay-Z not being on Spotify for the links I’ve added by the way.


1. Rihanna Ft Kanye- Diamonds (Remix)

I urge you all to listen to this masterpiece. The original was a good track but Kanye put on a masterful performance here to make this song a true classic. It’s not the most famous of Kanye’s features but it was near perfection throughout, the lyricism and the delivery. It’s not only his best feature, but it’s one of his best verses ever. Whenever Rihanna and Kanye work together it just feels like it’s meant to be, the only chemistry I can think of that would be better is Rihanna and Drake on a track. It’s infuriating that this track wasn’t a massive chart topper, it was as if it was completely overlooked when it’s in fact some of his best work ever.

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