Jaden Smith: Syre Album Review

It’s clear that years were spent on this album to deliver Jaden’s message, if he can carry on from this his name could be huge in rap for all the right reasons.

Jaden Smith has become quite the character in recent years, people have often disregarded him as a legitimate rapper, and often said he’s nothing more than Will Smith’s son, it’s something I’ve never really bought into, I was a fan of his more recent work, not just because of the sound, but I feel like he genuinely loves the music he’s making and I feel like he’s trying to create a change which is a lot more than most people.

The album opens up with four tracks titled B, L, U and E. The opener features chilling vocals from his sister, the clinically underrated Willow Smith. The production is heavy and something I’ve never heard from Jaden’s music before. The tracks themes seem more grown up, as does his language, for someone who’s followed his music career it felt as if he’d grown up in the last couple years, it’s a lot more intense too. Four tracks in I knew this was going to be the best thing he’s done to date.

It’s very much worth noting that following those four tracks there’s a feature from A$AP Rocky and one from Raury, it’s big star power that’s needed for a debut album, especially for someone who might not have the worlds biggest fan base, not only are they excellent features to have, they serve as superb endorsements to what and who Jaden Smith is as an artist. Raury features on the track Falcon which is one of the best songs on this album If people thought that Jaden was nothing before this should have their opinions changed drastically with this song alone. The track listing gets even better when the next track Ninety plays, it’s beautifully produced, combine that with Jaden’s very best flow and you get a super chill track.

Lost Boy is a nine and a half minute track, which is comparable to a 10 minute track he did on a previous mixtape, it feels like two separate songs merged into one. This song in particular draws inspiration from Kanye, who seemed to inspire the full album in general. Released tracks Icon and Fallen both hit the mark along with one of my favourites on the album George Jeff.

Sure there’s a few faults with this album, Batman in particular is the failure, it’s nothing more than a crappy Jumpman bootleg no matter how catchy it is, and there’s a lot of corn here, but every rapper has corny lyrics. Jaden in particular dishes them out by the bucket load, but it’s nothing to worry about because generally speaking this album is pretty damn good.

Jaden Smith has been endorsed by Kanye, Bieber, Tyler The Creator, Post Malone, Pharrell and many others, so why can people continuously hate? Give the album a chance, it’s Jaden’s most mature and developed music yet. It’s clear that years were spent on this album to deliver Jaden’s message, if he can carry on from this his name could be huge in rap for all the right reasons.

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