Vibe/Rant Music: Vol. 3

This is volume three of Vibe/Rant music series, featuring N.E.R.D, Christmas tunes, the new Eminem track and Taylor Swift.

This is volume three of Vibe/Rant music series, featuring N.E.R.D, Christmas tunes, the new Eminem track and Taylor Swift.


Eminem- Walk on Water Ft Beyonce- Rant

Eminem impersonates Macklemore in this track, but a B side Macklemore, really not pleasant. It feels poorly produced and it’s almost as if Eminem has given in at this point, this would be slated if it was anyone else, so don’t ignore that it’s trash because it’s Em. Lyrically there is actually something here, but with that production and wack flow there is nothing here and I’ll never listen to this again. I’m past the stage of hoping for greatness from him at this point, this wasn’t the single to release with his album coming up, it’s only a single because Beyonce is on there with that trash hook. Maybe it’s time he hangs up the mic and just works behind the scenes.


Taylor Swift- Rant

What has this woman become? I remember the young lady who made love songs and guilty pleasures, now her lyricism has just become more self conceited than ever, her fandom would call it her evolution, I would disagree. I would say that this is more of a de-evolution, a woman who could’ve had the world love her, but somewhere along the line a switch flipped in her head, and she became the most narcissistic person on the Earth.


Christmas Songs- Vibe

THEY’RE BACK. Christmas is just joyful to the very core, even the sad Christmas tunes are enough to make me sing, you cannot shake my Christmas spirit. George Michael, Shakin Stevens, Band Aid (not the Coldplay version), Chris Rea, it’s all just amazing and magical. You want proof? Listen to this bass boosted remix of The Pogues and come back to me.


N.E.R.D- Lemon Ft Rihanna- Vibe

If everyone didn’t already think that Pharrell was the greatest thing to ever happen ever then this is that bit of extra proof. As long as N.E.R.D want to remain relevant then they will because they are that masterful at what they do. Oh and by the way, in one track Rihanna became the best female rapper in the world, I know the competition isn’t that stiff but it just shows how versatile and amazing she truly is. At first I din’t think the beat would make any sense with Rihanna on it, then she started spitting and I just totally lost my shit, some woman.


The X-Factor- Rant

I often question how this show has been running for over a decade and I often wonder how people continue to buy into such garbage, I’ve done a little bit of research and there is maybe a couple decent acts there, being controlled by the devil that is Simon Cowell. I can’t feel sorry for them because they know what they’re getting into, but really all these people will have is money, and if they aren’t making enough the big bosses will dispose of them as if they aren’t even human. Of the thousands of people who have applied for this programme over the years, how many have had longevity? Leona Lewis? Gone. Alexandra Burke? Strictly. Joe McElderry? Never even got off the ground. It’s a programme designed to make the big bosses a ton of cash and then drop the ‘musicians’ when they lose heat, so here’s a video of Garry Barlow burning Tulisa.



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