Top 10 Fire In The Booths Ever

The word play is beyond madness, and the story telling is insanely deep. Both of these men need more recognition, not only in the UK but worldwide.

A lot of people find Charlie Sloth annoying, but he’s done a lot of big things for UK rap, he’s been instrumental in the career of Bugzy Malone, and he’s the creator of Fire In The Booth, one of the best segments in UK radio, here’s a list of the top 10 FITBs of all time. I’ve limited each artist to no more than two places on this list to bring us some diversity.

10. Nines

This is some real poetry, masterful work from Nines. The worst bit is they had to cut part of the FITB out because of all the bad language, but if we had the full video it’d be something masterful, and probably a lot higher up the list.

9. Lowkey

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely aware of Lowkey’s work and what he’s about, but if it’s anything like this FITB then I’m all over it, not many people have ever matched that flow, technique and lyricism, the beats a little so so but his delivery is beyond ridiculous.

8. Devlin

An OG of the FITB alumni, Devlin has the ability to produce in any situation but this was silly at points. He’s a true artist, his wordplay is among the best in the industry, he’s due another go in the booth and if it’s anything like this then I’ll be more than happy with it.

7. Giggs (Part 2)

I can vive to this big time, Giggs is one of the UK GOATS without a doubt, it might not be the fastest flow in comparison to the other guys in this list, but it’s not all about pace, the lyrics are on point and the wordplay is sublime, and when he starts vibing to those USA anthems like Fucking Problems and Started From The Bottom I can’t help but vibe to it massively in every way.

6. Bugzy Malone

One of the most iconic FITBs ever and with good reason, Bugzy absolutely went off here, for me it’s much much better than his second fire in the booth, his wordplay was on point, but it was the story telling aspect for Malone that really helped this blow up, he’s really reppin Manny to the maximum.

5. Wretch 32 (Part 5)

Literally any time Wretch 32 does a Fire In The Booth you know it’s gonna be legendary, his wordplay is actually silly at this point, I would challenge anyone to find a better lyricist in the UK right now. As I’ve said I’ve limited artists to two FITBs for this list because if it was unlimited there would be five Wretch 32 videos here.

4. Akala (Part 1)

One of the older FITBs on this list come from Akala, this was his first Fire In The Booth session and one of the very best that set a precedent for the rest of the rappers coming to the show, you have to bring your very best with you or you won’t be remembered, and this is always going to be remembered.

3. Akala (Part 4)

He’s gone back to back here. Akala himself says it in this FITB, he’s not promoted enough, he’s not on the radio enough, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. A lot of people might remember him from viral Facebook videos of him discussion racism, but people need to recognise him for work like this, the flow is actually unbelievable, and he has a message in his words. Maybe he’s not as recgonised and appreciated as he should be because he doesn’t shove his life down our throats on Insta and Snapchat.

2. Dave

Can we all just take a second to appreciate that Dave was 17 when this FITB dropped, name any other 17 year old in the world with that kind of lyricism, Dave is masterful beyond his years. He discusses gang life and the streets, then the government and racism, when I was 17 was busy with my BTEC sport. Not only is it lyrically on point, it’s passionate and delivered with venom.

1. Avelino and Wretch 32

For me this is by far and away the best Fire In The Booth, it’s pure artistry at it’s finest. Both Avelino and Wretch are two of the most underrated rappers in the game, and Wretch has only begun to blow up again thanks to this very FITB. It kicks off with Avelino showing amazing lyricism and a sick flow, every bar he drops leaves you going crazier than the last, it’s massively underappreciated because of what follows. Wretch 32 absolutely kills it, the word play is beyond madness, and the story telling is insanely deep. Both of these men need more recognition, not only in the UK but worldwide.

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