Vibe/Rant Music: Vol. 2

Music is a remarkable platform for people to speak about genuine issues and create masterful bodies of work, what these two delinquents do is nothing more advanced than a secondary school Garage Band project.

Following on from the first edition of these, we are going to make it a weekly series, so this is my version of what I am vibing with and what I am ranting about at the moment.

Post Malone: Vibe

On first listen I really wasn’t sure about ‘rockstar’ his latest single but apparently everyone else was and as time has passed I really find myself getting on board with it. He has always been a favourite of mine and his 2016 debut album ‘Stoney’ featured in my top 5 albums of last year and his internet persona is something to be truly admired. Whether he is a walking meme or a soulful R&B singer, you cannot deny his fame and popularity and I for one am delighted he has soared to the top. Listen to ‘rockstar’ on all music platforms and keep him at number one, but also watch his latest Noisey documentary which is as insightful as it is hilarious.


The Chainsmokers: Rant

They haven’t reared their ugly head since that pathetic excuse of an album earlier this year, it is so trash I don’t even want to give it the attention they so desperately crave. My issue with them lies way deeper than the bland and basic mum drop music they give us, the main problem is that they believe they are doing something great and really think they have talents beyond most in the music industry. Well what I have to say to that is quite simple, watch this video linked below and you’ll understand how basic and unoriginal they are. Music is a remarkable platform for people to speak about genuine issues and create masterful bodies of work, what these two delinquents do is nothing more advanced than a secondary school Garage Band project.



The Vinyl Revival: Vibe

Now it is very easy to say that millennials are just trying to capture a time they never lived in by gathering a vinyl collection in 2017, but these are the exact same people who complain that music is dying because of the age of the internet and streaming services. Who goes out and buys a physical copy of an album nowadays? Nobody, you go on Spotify or Apple Music and it is a click away; but recently this has slowly been changing in the ways of vinyl releases and artists putting their faith back into 12″ records. To give you an example, Liam Gallagher’s new album ‘As You Were’ was the fastest selling vinyl release in 20 years, yep that is faster than ANY Oasis album since ‘Be Here Now’. If that isn’t evidence of a comeback then I don’t know what is. So if people want to buy a Radiohead album on vinyl, why should old heads complain? Surely it is the new age embracing days of old, something they have wanted for generations because “back in their day” it was loads better…

Image result for as you were vinyl

Rappers with Lil in their name: Vibe

Yes, there are exceptions to the rule of people who have Lil in their name being undeniably great at what they do (Lil Peep comes to mind), but for just about all the others on a large scale are top class and very important for what they do. Lil Uzi Vert dropped the best song of 2017 with ‘XO TOUR Llif3’ and Lil Yachty is making the world happy with his feelgood spirit and red braids. Lil Wayne and Lil B are two of the most influential artists of all time and that is an undeniable fact, the work they have done for the industry is crucial. The latest to hit these heights is Lil Pump, whose latest mixtape was granted the same rating as Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.’ by popular Youtube reviewer Anthony Fantano (yep, seriously).

Image result for lil uzi vert

Rappers who are fake deep: Rant

In the new age of hip-hop we are seeing an influx of artists who are coming are coming across as ‘deep and philosophical’ in their music. There are plenty of good cases to this rule, with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$ discussing important topics in their raps and speaking out for a generation. Despite these two obvious examples of great artists we have an unfortunate amount of ‘fake deep’ rappers who pretend to be woke and important when in actual fact their lyrics are so dense and surface level they very rarely say anything meaningful. Hopsin is the prime example of this and that is why his music is so trash, Macklemore also falls under this bracket recently but he has before proven he has the occasional good word in him. Listening to them makes me miserable and it is a shame that they can be seen through so easily.

Image result for hopsin



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