King Krule – The Ooz: Album Review

I cannot stress enough how much spine tingling this production is, everything blends together, every layer is feels like it’s meant to be.

For those of you who aren’t yet fully aware of the man, King Krule is a 23 year old singer/songwriter/producer from the ever expanding London music scene. His style defines the term diverse, he’s in this new wave of artists that are truly changing the music industry by not being pigeon holed into one genre as he blends jazz with elements of punk and hip hop. The Ooz is Krule’s third studio album which released on October 13th 2017.

The album is something that anyone should try at least once, if you’re looking to broaden your horizons it’s the perfect piece. As soon as the album begins you’ll find yourself intrigued, not going to say you’ll love it but it’s uniqueness will leave you pondering, for me I was left pondering as to why chart songs have become so dull and samey when music like this exists. Biscuit Town is the album opener with a funky, more uptempo beat for the album. The themes and higher tempo continue through to Dum Surfer, which is fantastically produced, as is the whole album, it’s the strongest point I can think of. This was no throwaway project, it feels like it’s been in the making for several years.

It’s the slow tracks on this album that really hit the spot for me, Lonely Blue and Czech One are two of the best things to be heard in months, it’s eerie, spooky and beyond relateable. I cannot stress enough how much spine tingling this production is, everything blends together, every layer is feels like it’s meant to be. Nothing is misplaced on the slow tracks, you are fully immersed in each individual masterpiece.

The biggest critique here is that it might at times be slightly too much for me to listen to. A strong example of this is that no matter how much people praise To Pimp A Butterfly, I always find a full listen of the album to be a little too heavy. That’s not a real knock on the Kendrick or the Krule album, but maybe a knock on my attention span? This album is 66 minutes long and I personally think it’d be a better album at around 50-55 minutes, we can get all of it’s brilliance without it getting too heavy at points.

This album is a whirlwind, it’s all sorts of crazy and it’s all sorts of magnificent. It’s a real big album for the ever growing young London scene. With guys like Krule, Rex Orange County and Cosmo Pyke’s stock all sky rocketing this year it makes it an exciting time to be an inspired young musician.

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