7 Artists/Groups you Should Give a Listen ASAP

The album is part rap, part jazz, part indie pop, part love ballad. There’s so much going on in his work, it’s really unique and pretty crazy.

Music is infinite. It can be terrible, amazing, chilling and utterly bonkers. People often find something they love and they stick to it, it’s a logical thing to do, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Hopefully I can open your eyes to something you’ve never heard. If you’ve heard all of these artists then maybe you should be giving me some advice on somebody to listen to for a change, but if you don’t know one or more of these artists/groups then I feel I’ll have done my job correctly.

Cosmo Pyke

Cosmo Pyke is a young man aged 18 whose a skater, model, spray paint artist, but most importantly to me, a cracking musician. Drawing inspiration from Mac Demarco and 9th Wonder, he’s most known for his track Chronic Sunshine which gives you a deep insight to the man himself. He appeared on Frank Ocean’s Nikes video and I expect very big things in the years that follow.

Rex Orange County

From an 18 year old Londoner to a 19 year old Londoner. A little over a year ago I had absolutely no clue who Rex Orange County was. A year on and he’s heavily featured in Tyler, the Creators new album, and brought out a fantastic album of his own, Apricot Princess. The album is part rap, part jazz, part indie pop, part love ballad. There’s so much going on in his work, it’s really unique and pretty crazy, another one to watch for sure.


Compton born Boogie has recently signed on to Eminem’s Slim Shady records so expect to hear a lot from him in 2018. Inspired by Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples, Boogie has lyrics often cut deep and the flow is fantastic. He doesn’t want to be compared to other rappers so I won’t go there, but I will say if you were to make the comparisons they’d be very, very complimentary.


A friend of mine posted a full article on this boyband not long ago, but I cannot reiterate enough how good these guys are. It’s a bit of a mind boggler that people don’t actually know this group yet. Some might say they are the most famous of everything mentioned on this list, but they simply haven’t garnered the respect or attention they deserve, please just give them a listen!

Sorry Escalator

Sorry Escalator are an alt rock shoegaze band from my hometown of Middlesbrough. Formed in 2012 by lead vocalist Ryan David Welsh, the group have since evolved into a three piece group. In 2016 the band released a self titled EP followed by the release of Generation Winter. It’s a band that’s unique and like no other, managing to be upbeat one minute then scarily eerie the next. Seeing them live is an opportunity worth snatching up, it brings a totally different perspective to the group and some truly scintillating music. They’ll be dropping some new music in the near future as well as gigging so watch out for them!

China Lane

This Warrington/Manchester based group have a limited supply of tracks out there for us to access, with just two tracks up on Spotify; but they’re absolutely brilliant and have a groovy sense of electro-pop and soul. I have the privilege of knowing one of the members (Jack) personally and I’ve assured him that he’s going to make it with these, and BBC Introducing seem to agree as well. Be sure to listen to both ‘Marco Polo’ and ‘In Motion’ and prepare yourselves for some class tunes in the future too, remember it was me who told you about China Lane guys.


These lads have created a really cool sounding seaside-indie atmosphere with their music and I discovered them on Facebook with their breakout hit and my personal favourite ‘Paradise Beach’. They’ve been doing the rounds all over the country to get their name out and have also been releasing some great singles alongside this, the likes of ‘Moana’ and ‘100 Times Over’ are gaining pace with each passing day. I’m really enjoying what they’ve done so far and can’t wait to see what’s next.

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