Vibe/Rant Music: Vol. 1

The devil did not make a deal with Ed Sheeran, but it sure feels like he did.

The world of music is constantly changing. Good and bad gets released everyday. What am I vibing with and what am I ranting about. See the 5 topics below.

Eminem’s BET Freestyle Cypher- Rant

Why are people so hyped about this? The intro is possibly the cringiest thing I’ve seen Em ever do. I get that the words he’s saying have meaning, and I hate Trump as much as the next guy, but I really just feel this falls flat on it’s face. It’s a slow A Cappella freestyle with an okay flow and a very strong message. There’s one reason people love this, it’s Eminem. The man could take a massive dump on camera and people would praise it’s consistency, Eminem hasn’t released a brilliant album in a over a decade and this is of a similar standard to his average work of the 2010’s.


Rappers Talking Mental Health- Vibe

I think at the moment this is extremely important. Long ago rappers of the 90’s and 00’s would do anything to maintain the gangster persona, it’s not endearing and people can see through it now. At the end of the day people need to know that anyone can suffer with mental health issues, and rappers are opening up about this massively. From Kid Cudi and Chance the Rapper to Lil Uzi and XXXtentacion, people are being open about it. Mental health was once a taboo but now more than ever people are using their voice to be heard. When Logic performed at the VMA’s this year calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline increased by 50 percent. These men are role models and if role models speak out, everyone can benefit from it.


Ed Sheeran- Rant


Now of course the devil did not make a deal with Ed Sheeran, but it sure feels like he did. This man is undoubtedly the most overplayed artist of all time. There’s hype around this ginger little busker who has a lovely backstory, but it’s all a lie, this man is a sell out and a fraud. Remember when he loved the likes of Devlin and JME, he was big in grime, look now. The nandos song was fantastic unique and cool, Shape of you was the opposite. On Sheeran’s ‘Loose Change’ EP, he had the help of two writers on an independent release. On his most recent album he had the help of 17 writers. Ed sold out.


Chris and Kem- Rant

I watched Love Island this year as I do every year, and I fell in love with this friendship, but it’s gone too far. These guys aren’t good, they just aren’t. Little Bit Leave it isn’t a good track, they aren’t particularly good rappers, they are just a decent pair of lads who’ve managed to make it big. Fair play to them, they’ve probably got another year or two of making cash anyway they can so they’re gonna rinse it, I mean who wouldn’t? I’m a fan of Chris and Kem, but this track is all sorts of ugly. It is, how you say, a little bit leave it


Big Shaq ‘Mans Not Hot’- Vibe

Now I know I just said Chris and Kem are no good for the music business, and really Big Shaq isn’t the best for the industry either. But the ‘Mans Not Hot’ freestyle is beyond a meme, simply special stuff. Whether it’s a meme about Lynx or some quick math, it’s always a joy.

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